3 new 8bitpeoples releases

From GM4A:

8bitpeoples keeps cranking
out the hits, whilst rapidly approaching catalogue number 100. Check
out these three free releases if your ears are thirsting for some 8-bit
Chip Hero by Cornbeast

delivers Chip Hero, five songs from the soundtrack of an imaginary
future video game where players perform along with the chip music hits
of tomorrow, using controllers resembling the gaming gear of yesterday.
Post-modern musical sensibilities collide with pre-information-age
hardware, not so much closing the loop as introducing something
unconventional, unexpected, and occasionally upbeat.

DaMaGe by glomag

Roland walked on through the desolation, he was acutely aware that he
had lost something intangible. His only clues came to him by way of the
DMG in his pocket. The lamprey was willing, for the moment, to help him
search the debris for the small cartridges that fit into the DMG, each
one supplying a new, crucial piece of information. The hidden truth
would be thus revealed to him slowly, in sequence.

Claps and Leads by Mr. Spastic

and Leads” marks Mr. Spastic’s triumphant return to the 8bitpeoples
catalogue; five deft exercises in virtuoso programming, balancing
intricate technical skill with a warmly organic sound, all delivered in
his signature bold-yet-delicate tech-soul style. Jazz, deep funk,
disco, R&B, and full-on techno inflections collide and merge into
an astonishing stylistic cocktail, all topped off with a shimmering
pro-grade production sensibility. Dazzling artwork by Ui completes the
package, sealing the deal on a certain future classic.

8bit FM web radio

From GM4A:

Recently I was informed about a very cool and much needed endeavor. It
is an awesome new streaming web radio site dedicated to every type of
video game inspired music. The aptly titled 8bitfm
is that site, and you can head over there and listen right now to find
plenty of nerdcore, VG rock, chiptunes, remixes, and even lots of
straight VGM compositions. So they definitely have it all, no matter
what type of VG inspired tunes you enjoy! They also have a few daily radio shows for different genres.
The site just started up but it looks like they are doing everything
right to become a great musical source in the community, so definitely
listen in and keep an eye on these folks!

Admittedly, ever since I’ve noticed that internet radio is pretty much all starla listens to, I’ve really been warming up to the idea again. Back in the day I used to listen to pretty much exclusively video game music radio and OverClock’s old streamin radio before ormgas came over and took that over.

That said…I’ve been listening to this all morning now =P

OverCoat Goes to Cleveland [Blockparty 2009]

Blockparty Website
Blockparty Compo Results

So I braved the awful flight to Cleveland [and Cleveland itself] for Blockparty, which is hosted by Notacon, met up with virt, necros, a handful of people from #mod_shrine, and we just nerded it up for a full weekend. Consumed gallons of cocaine, coded java on cell phones, listened to Gargaj regale stories of demoparties gone by, and had probably the worst “home cooked italian” food in all of Cleveland. All in all, except for the whole Cleveland part, fun times were had. I even got 6th in the allgear music compo! Hoohah!

You can read virt’s writeup here.

Radio ThaSauce Live — No Show Saturday!

Because of vacation, I will not be able to host the radio show saturday.  My apologies to everyone who’s been listening faithfully.  I have taken to the road to travel to the distant state of…wait for it… Delaware.  I’m away visiting friends, and unfortunately, did not feel appropriate dragging my desktop with me, along with my recording gear.  And though my laptop is pretty new, it’s not been very able with recording voice, or anything of the like. 
Therefore, there will be no show this week.  HOWEVER!!!

in Saturday, May 2nd for the next exciting installment of Radio
ThaSauce Live!!  Next weekend will be a two hours show as usual,
followed by an after show which will have no end point.  It only ends
when people start to log off for the night.  I’ll have plenty of news,
music and events for you, and I’ll even talk about my trip!

See you in a little over a week!

New ReMix Comment/Review Presentation on OCReMix

DJP wrote on OCReMix:

In the spirit of making April kick as much ass as possible, we’ve gone live with a modified ReMix detail page that incorporates comments RIGHT on the page itself, in a blog/youtube style. You can still get to the full review thread, and in fact need
to in order to reply, but if you’re just browsing the latest 15
comments, you don’t need to leave the main mix page. We plan to do the
same thing for albums.

Example: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01830/

I’m still working on the code that parses/cleans up BBcode, so you’ll
see some formatting inconsistencies with URL, quote, and other
elements, but in general the comments should be intelligible.

I personally prefer things this way as I feel it highlights the awesome
feedback OA, DragonAvenger, Marmiduke, Polo, Dhsu, and many others
provide for so many mixes. Hopefully it will encourage others to do the

So, what do YOU think? Post your thoughts on this change here – do keep
in mind that, as stated, I’m still working on the text formatting, so
pointing that out isn’t necessary.

MAGFest music director and musician Dom featured in LittleBigPlanet blog

From GM4A:

Amazing musician, MAGFest music director, and constant supporter of everything video game music (including this here site), Dominic Cerquetti, or the more friendly Dom as he is known around these parts, was recently featured in the Media Molecule blog. The blog for the creators of the PS3 game LittleBigPlanet.
He was featured in one of their blog posts thanks to Dom’s awesome
keyboard work on a track from LittleBigPlanet. You can watch the
impressive video below, and if you dig it be sure to check out Dom’s Live Videogame Music Show every other Tuesday, in where he takes live requests for any and all video game songs!

Radio ThaSauce Live — 1st Saturday Episode TONIGHT

Tonight is the first Saturday Episode of Radio ThaSauce Live.  Tonight I will be discussing all manner of topics, and even delving into the OCR forum for fun and enjoyment.

As always, a healthy dosage of new remixes from OCR, RKO and the like will be on hand for your listening pleasure.

The show starts at 8pm EST (EDT for those who insist), 5pm PST.

Go here to listen in tonight: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-thasauce-live

Radio ThaSauce Live — Pre-emptive Move to Saturday Nights

During the last show, I announced that I was going to be moving the show from Fridays to Saturdays, at the same time slot, because of a pending adjustment in my work schedule.  Well, this coming friday was supposed to be the last show before that happened, HOWEVER, because of an invite to a baseball game, specifically the first Phillies game since the passing of beloved personality, and legendary announcer, Harry Kalas, I will not be hosting the show Friday night, rather, I will be moving it pre-emptively to Saturdays starting this week.  This should work out in your favor if you’ve been wanting to listen in to the show.
Expect the same fun, weird requests, humor and news that you’ve come to
see from me so far.  I’m still hopeful that I will be able to take live
callers and live call in requests in the near future.

Here’s the upcoming schedule of events for Radio ThaSauce Live:

Friday, April 17, 2009: Show moved to Saturday, April 18, 2009
Sat. April 17, 2009: Radio ThaSauce Live @ 8pm EST/EDT 5pm PST/PDT
Sat. April 25, 2009: No show, Dyne will be on vacation
Sat. May 2, 2009: The first show of May, live @ 8pm EST/EDT 5pm PST/PDT

That’s all for now!  Keep checking ThaSauce for more updates and information about Radio ThaSauce Live!

Nitro Game Injection: VGM Podcast (Show 113 now available)

KyleJCrb posted on OCReMix:

Some of you might remember my live webcast Nitro Game Injection, which
has been going off and on (mostly off) for over the past five years.
The show has been revived and revamped a few times now, but this newest
incarnation will be the best yet, guaranteed!
For those who don’t know:

Nitro Game Injection (NGI) is a video game music podcast that focuses
on original soundtracks, remixes, cover tunes, and doujin bands.
It was started in early 2003 as a live webcast and has gone on for over
100 shows. As of episode 113, the format has shifted to a bi-weekly
podcast format.

The show is hosted by Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse and, as of episode #113,
the long-awaited return of VG Frequency host and OCR judge Larry
“Liontamer” Oji.

The show features video game discussion, news on recent releases and happenings within the community, interviews with artists,
requests, and more!


* Show: Nitro Game Injection
* Site: http://www.kngi.org/
* Show Archives: http://kngi.org/downloads/
* Email Feedback: [email protected]
* Voicemail Feedback: 1-763-431-5121

We just released our first show in the podcast format, with Larry as
co-host. It’s a 3-hour show, which is rare for a podcast, but there is
a lot of great music involved as well as banter with myself and Larry. check it out!

EDIT: For those curious, the show is not on iTunes yet, but will be after Apple reviews it.