Doujin spotlight: Celestia Project

As probably the biggest doujin community event to happen this year, Celestia Project Vol. 1 was just unveiled last weekend. Aptly subtitled the “SquareEnix Music Arrange Festival,” the release spanned two days and a total of 87 (yes, eighty-seven) Square/Enix arrangements.
One need only to listen to the inaugural Chrono Trigger track by the band Victy to realize how incredible this project is in terms of variety and overall arrangement quality. Definitely not to be missed by any fan of video game music.

VGDJ: Episode #019

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix:
Not-so-super heros Rayman and Pixalilin are forced to do a Russian
Roulette Re-Roll (RRRR), the VGDJ voicemails are getting weirder and
weirder, and our hosts are missing some serious pants — not to mention
Rama Lama’s ding-dong! Hopefully Aurora can set things right next week.
Until then, enjoy the ride!

Get it at

Anime ReMix Halloween Compo is ON!!!

It’s that time again. Time for…


The objective, of course, is to complete a song by Halloween! The rules are mostly the same as last time, and they are, as follows:
-Complete one song by midnight, October 31st GMT [Grenich Mean Time, to be absolutely fair to everyone] and send it through any means necessary to the leader of the competition.

-The song must be from an animated series, movie, or video. This is more clearly defined in the Anime ReMix site FAQ, which explains what is and what isn’t allowed here.

-The song must have “halloween elements.” Scariness, spookiness, craziness. For further definition, ask the project leader for specifics.

-Songs which are late will not be allowed.

-In the event of only one submission, the one contestant wins by default.

-After all the submissions are in, the rest of the community can e-mail or use a forum PM to relay their choice for best song.

-Have fun! [obligatory cheesy rule]

You can find the official thread in the Competitions/Projects section of the Anime ReMix forums at

Artist profile images for remixer @ Audioscrobbler

I was pokin’ around over at AudioScrobbler/LastFM when I realized my artist profile didn’t have any images for it. I uploaded a few, but the images need at least 10 unanimous yes votes or a 75% majority before they become “official”.

Afterward, I decided to check and see if any OTHER mixers had images. I found that only DJP had an image for his profile. I think other mixers in the community should go post their images and people should vote them in =.

You can find a LOT of mixers just by checking LastFMs “tag” system, at links like these:

Royal Sefton releases Hellven’s latest album

Royal Sefton III, frequently known as rs3 and a member of Hellven since
its second incarnation, released Hellven’s first solo album since the
netlabel’s return earlier this month. Featuring artwork by Kenji Bliss, “st rotfest and the death monastic”
is a 10-track, nearly 25-minute techstep album whose darker
mood reflects a departure from much of Sefton’s previous work.
Originally released as a part of Ubik’s Auld Lang Syne 2
album “competition,” Sefton fully remastered his entry before
officially releasing the completed album at Hellven. The album’s
ever-present harmonies and no-pause/continuous format are described by
Sefton as one’s experience during the last half-hour before the
impending end of days.

VGDJ: Episode #018

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix:
Wow, it’s a long one! And I’m not just talking about my manhood! These
45 minutes are packed with Danny B and Shnab sadly saying goodbye,
Anime VS OCR, drunken sacks of monkey shit and (trumpets) Rama gets a
new mic! Pixie joins us again on this bad roffling episode!

Get it at

Projects and Contests Forum Sections Open

As we prepare for ThaSauce 2.0, we’ve added two new sections to the Forums, one for community-related Projects and one for Contests.
The Projects forum is a central place to organise things such as Remixing Projects and other things like game mods. The content isn’t too restricted as long as it’s related to the community in some way and follows some basic guidelines.

Conversely, the Contests forum is a place to have a little fun and be competitive at the same time. Show off your compositional, remixing, graphical, or writing skills in one of the organised ThaSauce contests, one of which should be starting at least weekly. Winners of the contests will be determined by User Voting, and then points will be awarded which will be part of a larger reputation system under ThaSauce 2.0.

To kick it off, SauceTest I has started: Create a progressive RPG boss battle theme. You have until next Friday (September 30th) to submit your entry.

Content Updates; Another Milestone Passed

After some unexpected downtime, ThaSauce is back up. With the posting of the story about TO becoming an OverClocked Remix Judge, ThaSauce has now posted 150 news articles. Thanks to all who made it possible, and remember to keep submitting stories. 
The latest site update brings in two new content articles…
First off, MajiNinjA has done a review of Audacity, the first in a series of hardware/software reviews. New reviews will be added as they become available. Keep in mind that you can always submit articles as well, be it a review, a tutorial, or something else, as well as the news stories that keep the front page running.

Secondly, Rexy has updated the VGMix Spotlight section with a review of some of the content from this week.

Submit your own articles! Simply email them to ThaSauce2005*at*