Mega Ran Releases New Video “One Winged Angel”

Surfacing as an update on his Twitter page, Random, also known as Mega Ran,  has just released a video for his single “One Winged Angel”. As a featured performer at the upcoming nerd festival Nerdapalooza in Orlando, Florida, Mega Ran has received significant attention as a distinguished rapper and producer. Incorporating masterfully executed lyrics that blends beautifully with visceral beats produced by Storyville, “One Winged Angel” is a powerful retelling of Sephiroth’s origin story and his following subsequent rage that threatens to destroy the world. Part of Mega Ran’s highly acclaimed Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII, “One Winged Angel” shows that Mega Ran can still appeal to a broader audience outside of the video game community through his own visceral rhymes that literally knock you off your seat.

Featured… Artist?! uncleBen of the Mod_Shrine

Ok, so you’re probably like ‘hey, where is Garian and his weekly ‘featured song?’ Well, I haven’t forgotten about you guys, but Rama had some ideas for this last week’s featured song, but never posted it, so I’m taking this time to feature my friend uncleBen as a ThaSauce featured artist. His style is quite chaotic, ranging from zombie spliff raggae to circus jazz to classic democheese, and he has at least one song you’ll fall in love with, if not many. His weapon of choice is MODPlug tracker, but not all of his modules will work in other players (sometimes not even in XMPlay!!!). He is quite notorious for breaking the standard WinAmp module loader, so please, please, PLEASE have Bass.dll (located here) installed in your WinAmp if you’re too lazy to use MODPlug Tracker/Player.
Hopefully Ben will appreciate my efforts to share his music. You can grab the tunes he has publicly released on the modarchive for free. He is also quite interested in working in indie video game music composition, so if that is your bag, give him an email, or come get ahold of him on, in #mod_shrine and #modarchive.

My personal favourites are Esperanto Anthem and Pineapple Popsicle (the former because I did a semi-ripoff of the bassline in an all gear compo, the latter because I have been working on doing a vocal vocal mixdown with my own original lyrics).

Featured Song: RedHeat Sonic Soundscapes – Kyria

As some of you may know, I have been on RedHeat’s jock for a long time, hailing him as our generation’s Vangelis. “Kyria” is a song which I have been sharing with many people in #OCReMix and other channels in the community, and is quite an example of what I feel should be featured.
Born in 1979, RedHeat, or m0d as he is known on The Mod Archive, is quite an excellent musician, having built his own studio in his home in the Netherlands. While he is not a professional musician (his day job is a unix administrator), RedHeat manages to compose complex progressions that take the listener on a journey that, while sometimes a little indulgent, remain exciting and fresh. Kyria is an excellent example of RedHeat’s ability to work in a genre that is underappreciated, keeping true to stylistic nuances of New Age while making it his own.

While RedHeat himself is not a part of the VGM Arrangement community, he has ties with the tracking scene, from which many prominent VGMA artists have come.

Download the track at: (please note
that I respect m0d, and will NOT direct link to his music hosted on his

Featured Song: Terra’s Bad News

In the year 9595, a young robot named CHz participated in a music compo on an IRC channel. The theme, to create the fanfare music for a television or radio news broadcast. His challengers, many. This is the story of his triumph, tribulations, and the trouble with tribbles.

So yon CHz makes a song comprised entirely of Steve Carrel vocal clips
(“NEWS” and “rahdha dhadhe bhdbhr asdhiugri ahdahefr inregrua nenifee
vbinbe nbibbiiblbgf bblagh”) and a 10 note brass fanfare. Many people
were killed by the ensuing hurricane of ROFL. It was a sad day for
robot kind.

In order to commemorate those lost in the NEWS storm of 9595, Sadorf
the Grey, level 10 wizard from his parents basement, created a NEWS
memorial. His memorial came in the form of song. A Terra remix, to be
precise. A Terra remix, encompassing the original NEWS theme created by
the venerable CHz. The juxtaposition of quadratical equity formed the
foundation of hullabaloo for many transient years to expirate profusely.

In other words, CHz done made this here song for a compo, so sadorf
done took it and turned it into one of them there terra remixes so
theys could get it up on OverLooked ReMiX.

Mega Man 3: Magnet Beat

OCReMix has a lot of remixes from Mega Man 3, a very popular Mega Man game. Some remix WIPs of this game are never released and have disappeared from the Earth. It’s not good, some of these WIPs are very nice. Here is an old WIP, released around 2004:

It’s a song from Whipper, an unknown remixer. It’s his only support to the OCReMix community. He did some other songs, but these songs aren’t good, they aren’t VG remixes and they aren’t even 50% finished. Whipper is not active anymore, so I don’t think he will finish this trancy remix.

It is a trance remix from Mega Man 3 Magnet Man Theme. Magnet Man is not the most remixed song, especially not in this way. Check out the song and enjoy.

BTW: We need more Featured Songs on ThaSauce.

DiscoDan – Downtime

We haven’t had a REAL featured song in quite sometime, but someone made a thread on OCR about an old song Dan made, it and made me dig up some of his old stuff…
Downtime is one of the most truely amazing remixer originals ever. Dan really outdid himself when he made this song some odd 4-5 years ago. It’s a MUST LISTEN for everyone and is highly recommended.

And yes, this song was made with Fruity Loops. Likely Fruity Loops 3 infact.