RomHacks: Super Demo World

For as long as there have been ROMs, there have been RomHacks. Most of them are terrible, just making Mario blue, Sonic brown, or breaking the game entirely.

But amidst all the piles of what we will call ‘donkey dung’ for the sake of self-censorship, a few gems shine brightly. This is the first of a series of articles on some of the better ones.

This week, we cover Super Demo World. From the hack’s site:

Super Demo World title screen“Demo World is a hack to demonstrate how well Lunar Magic can modify Super Mario World. […] The third version of Demo World was released on September 21, 2003. Called “Demo World : The Legend Continues” (DW:TLC), it’s a full hack of Mario World that’s complete right to the end. It showcases many of the features in Lunar Magic, including the new tile and palette animation feature included in version 1.60. And as with the original Demo World, it has new custom blocks such as screen-scrolling type pipes that are similar to what you’d see in Mario 3. A version 1.1 update was released about a month later to fix a few bugs.

I was introduced to this hack from a thread on SomethingAwful, where I was treated to a commentated attempt to beat the game, not without frustration or error. Intrigued, I tracked down a copy and started playing myself.

The ice worldBeing a romhack, they definitely had the full features of an emulator in mind when designing the levels. I certainly wouldn’t have reached as far as the second world without savestate abuse.

To complete the presentation, here’s a tool-assisted speedrun of the game from Google Video.

Liontamer’s VG Frequency Blog: VGM arrangement community shilling at its finest

Liontamer, in the VG Frequency thread at OCR, writes:

“In an effort to have another outlet for my video game music fandom/geekery, I’ve finally moved forward with a blog. Check it out at We’re big pimpin’. We’re spendin’ cheese.”

Larry’s first blog post, How a Russo-Nigerian Stallion Found Video Game Music, Part 1: The Games, outlines the very beginning of his interest in video game music. Part 2 (Radio) and Part 3 (OCR) will be posted soon. In Larry’s words, “It’s all scintillating material.”

Sauce Digest: April Hovercraft

So as you might’ve noticed over the last month or so, we’ve been changing things (again). A lot of the changes came “out” today, including the navigation blocks on the left. To ensure that the new features get used to the fullest extent, I’m going to give a mini-tour of the changes.

First off, the navigation and forums blocks. If you hover over a line with a → on it, a pop-out will appear. We’re going to expand the lower part to have full site navigation. The biggest advantage of the location of these blocks is that the links are available from any page on ThaSauce, except for subsites like R:TS and the forums.

Now, these pop-outs may look a little ‘broken’. That’s because they’re meant for the new theme, which you can change to already (just go to your account options and pick the TwoPointOh theme). This new fixed-width layout works in 1024×768 resolution and still has room to breathe. If you look at an article in the new theme, you’ll notice it’s broken into columns. This is one of the features that isn’t complete yet. In addition to columns, longer articles will be broken into pages for easier reading.

Notice those last two sections under the News block? Music Links and Videos are two new “topics” that can be selected when submitting a story. However, they aren’t intended to be used in that way. Check the appropriate boxes in the “associated topics” section when submitting a music link or video and it will appear in the appropriate section. We’re also going to add a few more sections in the near future, for games, pictures, and links, as well as a multimedia portal where you can view this content in a convenient fashion.

A bit of a note: you’ll notice that embedded videos tend to be messed up in the two-column format; this is another thing we’re ironing out before officially rolling it out. While viewing the site over the next few weeks, bear in mind that things may look broken under the old skin since we aren’t designing the new parts of the site to work with it.

ThaSauce is still looking for writers! While the changes in the site will allow a wider range of media to be submitted, we still need good old-fashioned articles as the core of the site’s content. If you can’t think of anything to write about, visit #thasauce on, and we’ll give you ideas.

ThaSauce: We’re coders, not writers.

Compo: ThaSauce Changelog

On April 27, Analoq launched Compo: ThaSauce. It’s a system for organizing compos, making it easier to submit, enter, and control what happens in a compo. It’s a unique system, and an excellent addition to the growing features here at ThaSauce.

The system is currently in a testing phase, and is being put through a run with ORC 103 on OCR.

In light of this, I have created from information provided by analoq a changelog where I will be documenting changes to Compo: ThaSauce. If you would like to view these changes, you can go here.

OCReMixer and ThaSauce Admin Dain -Beatdrop- Olsen lands a song in the next DDR!

zircon from the thread on OCR:

You heard it, folks. Our very own Beatdrop will be on the next DDR title from Konami, with his song “Until Forever”. He did this through a Broadjam contest and snagged $1,000 in the process… as well as some extra attention from Konami for future work, I’m sure!!!

and major props to him and y’all DDR players can look forward to hearing some goodness from our favorite industrial remixer/former judge. Movin’ on up! ūüôā

Source: Broadjam

Ken Kutarugi: RETIRED!

Who even saw this coming? Anyone? According to an article linked to on OCR by SilverStar, this article from says it all. Finally, we can all breathe a breath of fresh air and hope that within the coming months Sony will have been shocked to the core enough to lower the price on their latest console, the PS3.

Only time will tell.

Commodore Gaming PCs Now Available

From Remix64

London, April 23rd 2007:

“At 4pm today Commodore Gaming opened the virtual doors to their online store for the UK and Ireland, offering gamers in these countries the privilege to be amongst the first in the world to own one of the unique Commodore Gaming PCs. Commodore Gaming plans to roll out their cool gaming rigs across Europe in mid May, before the rest of the world.”

Read more below! There’s a link to the Commodore site in the article on Remix64.

“Bala Keilman, CEO for Commodore Gaming, commented “This marks a new chapter in the history of Commodore, opening our webshop to offer great gaming PCs that are as unique as they are customizable. We’re extremely excited and proud to offer our range of exceptional gaming machines and since PC gaming and online gaming is about instant entertainment, this is what we intend to deliver with machines that will satisfy everyone from the casual gamer to the professional.”

The online store will be launching across Europe in mid May, alongside retail outlets in UK, Germany, France and the Benelux. Further details on retailers for European territories will be released shortly.

The online store will supply the higher specification models Commodore gx and Commodore xx, while the Commodore g and Commodore gs range will be made available in retail outlets. Commodore Gaming machines are priced competitively for such high spec components and hand-finished build quality:

·Commodore gx Р£1759 (inc VAT)
·Commodore xx Р£2899 (inc VAT)

(Above prices include buyers choice of C-kin case artwork)

Commodore Gaming has also confirmed that customers will be able to customise aspects of their gaming PC, offering a customized interior and exterior. All components can be selected to build a personal specification on each machine.

Commodore Gaming now offers over 100 unique ‘C-kins’ designs in their online store, each case being artistically painted using a patented dye process (unique to Commodore Gaming) and individually finished with a scratch proof surface usually reserved for the automotive industry.”

Boris Yeltsin dies age 76

The esteemed former president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, has passed on earlier today. He was an ally of the United States during his tenure, and though his health suffered after quintuple bypass surgery in 1996 he was instrumental in making sweeping changes to the former Soviet state… although his successor has recently been reigning in capitolism in favour of stalin-like politics.

So have a shot of vodka and remember one of the greatest. (no. wrong. i’m a poser.)

source: everywhere reputable, check CNN, BBC, and yes, that horrible place Wikipedia.

the incredible singing analoq

i got this talkbox a while back and decided to give it a go whilst covering a classic ocremix:
The Incredible Singing Robot / Star Salzman
i sequenced rhodes
& string machine, recorded bass and cut up drumloops in Live 6 for
backing tracks against my improvising on the Phatty and
singing/scatting on the Banshee.

Timbaland Interview ReMix Project

[17:24] <@zircon> Remix magazine interviewed Timbaland
[17:24] <@zircon> front page feature
[17:24] <@Ramaniscence> LOL
[17:24] <+Suzumebachi> fuck
[17:24] oh dear god
[17:25] <@Ramaniscence> Did that ask him about THE ISSUE?
[17:25] <+Suzumebachi> did they mention the fact that he’s a dirty thief?
[17:25] <@zircon> nope
[17:25] <+Suzumebachi> fucking terrible
[17:25] <@zircon> lots of ego pictures of him
[17:25] * +Suzumebachi loses respect for remix magazine
[17:25] <@zircon> like “I’m a genius producer”
[17:25] <@zircon> “no one appreciates Timbaland’s genius”
[17:25] <@zircon> “the #1 producer in hip hop”
[17:26] “omg u r teh awesum, wut r ur secruts?” type interview?
So Timbaland’s head is growing to gargantuan proportions of late…and people just keep feeding him.

In an interview on the local morning show a month or so ago he had THIS to say:

“I read a lot of magazines say umm… timbaland a hip hop producer, i’m
like NO. wrong. i’m a music COMPOSER. like uhh, uhh, amadeus or
something. like a mozart. you see i’m just… one of the greats.”

I’m not kidding you, here’s the audio:…fTheGreats.mp3

This has GOT to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard,
especially on the heels of a controversy like this. I think it’s time
someone takes him down a peg.

WHICH is why I propose we have a remix contest. Remixing the above
provided quote. When it’s all said and done we can make an album out of
it =P.

Here are some of the contributions we’ve gotten already:
The Greatest