Zircon Wins ‘A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu’ Competition

The venerable Mr. Aversa is the proud champion of SquareSound’s ‘A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu Arrangement Competition’ with an impressive score of 96.22%. Andy picks up a promo copy of ‘Voices of the Lifestream’* and two VIP tickets to ‘Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy’ on March 1st for the win — including a meet-and-greet with the man himself, Nobuo Uematsu. Andrew’s winning track, ‘Dirt Devil’, a Final Fantasy VI medley arrangement, is now available for YOUR listening pleasure at OverClocked ReMix — right here.

Congrats, bro!

* chortle chortle chortle

Bed of Knives – Ethnic/Prog. Breaks by Hy Bound

Hybound wrote over @ OCR:

I did this song for the
Promo CD [sgx]‘s giving out with his physical album of Hero of the Grey
Area (which is great by the way). It started out as pretty much a
complete rip-off of Hybrid’s “We Are In Control” and then evolved from
there. Im going to actually include it on my first album that will
hopefully be coming out late next year.

I hope you enjoy it!

I’m gonna send you to my MySpace page, but you can download the 192 kbps original from there.


or, to download it…


Free Shit: New Module Adventure + OMG NEW ANSI + the usual haunts

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Took 3 weeks off [oops!] but now I am back. Fear!

20kbps rec.

12. Jan 08 Ne-q-baan’_-_Medali_EP-(20k267)-2008.
Ne-q-baan’s (side project by soundtester & Ru_Galochkin) debut ep
is a dedication to russian shitpop star Ivan Panchenko. it features
some remakes of his song ‘medals’, which is all about army and girls
waitin’ for their dudes’ comeback. folks, this is some really glorious
shit, for real.

30. Jan 08

speed merchant vocalist MC Ayrton Senna is challenging his first rhyme
race. postmodern gimcrack lyrics giving you the shit, in both english
and swiss german. 100% success is guaranteed due front-seat passenger
dj jimmy slaughter and his super-funky disko-beats.

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  • ansi040) ]
    at sea
    [24.3 MB | 12:38]

      ‘at sea’ is inspired by terry riley’s ‘in c’ and the ideology of the impressionist musicians.
  • ————————————————————————————-

    [NMA001] Kaneel – Ma douce mÈmoire enfantine

    date feb.06.08

    better way to start New Module Adventures than with a sweet, sweet ep
    by Kaneel. Kaneel’s been on the modscene for a long time now, releasing
    on sunlikamelo-d and ogredung all those years ago, releasing his
    popular Inside it module ep on camomille and participating on great
    demos with Bypass. An adequate taste of reinvented nostalgia, Guillaume
    uses the tracker masterfully and makes us dream of bubbles and
    childhood moments. An epic Kaneel release, and while we wait for his
    upcoming album on apegenine, a great taste of what delicious sounds
    Kaneel can stir up and has been stirring up for us in the past 10 years.

    Download the release in .zip format (artwork in included )

    Music by Kaneel

    New CD album on apegenine ‘ Kaneel – I’ve sketched it a while ago ‘ . Buy here.

    Cover art by 143


    #237a-237d Alessandro Pintus / Make Space EP [stream]
    We’ve got another guest artist entering the Kahvi ranks today – italian
    by name and italian by style, we’re used to well dressed italians,
    presentation being everything and this is reflected in this well
    presented, polished and finished ep from alessandro pintus. analogue
    warmth with extremely subtle micro-melodies throughout, perhaps
    slightly autechre by design but 100% pintus by nature. interesting,
    thoughtful and chilled. welcome to mr pintus.

    download whole ep as ogg (.zip)
    download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip) whole ep (.mp3) mirror

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    El zoolÛgico is proud to present: The Jungle & The Aquarium
    Some words about it:

    Your favorite zookeeper is back from the petite&jolie zoo!

    We, at Petite&Jolie, are excited to present you the second release
    of petite&jolie and not only because it’s a wonderful travel
    through poptronics, melodies of “joie de vivre” and, let’s dare saying
    so, zoomotions, but also because it’s not everyday we’ll be releasing a
    double EP.

    Indeed, El ZoolÛgico is back at Petite&Jolie with his concept of
    catching the “essence” of animals through small’n’catchy tunes,
    classifying them by ecosystems.

    Await emotions driven through pitzacattos and fuzzy synths, get ready
    for cuteness, fasten your belt, and don’t believe what they are saying
    around you, it’s really cute and fancy animals you see jumping all over
    your head when you’re listenning to this sweet release from El

    download and enjoy:

    [track 01] El zoolÛgico – Camina
    [track 02] El zoolÛgico – Hippo
    [track 03] El zoolÛgico – Mr. Frog
    [track 04] El zoolÛgico – Snake
    [track 05] El zoolÛgico – Monkey
    [track 06] El zoolÛgico – Brother Bear
    [track 07] El zoolÛgico – Nada
    [track 08] El zoolÛgico – Octopus
    [track 09] El zoolÛgico – Penguin and Sealion
    [track 10] El zoolÛgico – Seahorse and Starfish
    [track 11] El zoolÛgico – Jellyfish
    [track 12] El zoolÛgico – Whale

    download the whole release here
    download the whole artpack here


    2008.01.26 (PS029) [Frux]
    – Viridian
    colors, three songs with chips and beats.

    2008.01.15 (PS028) [Jon Baken]
    – Candlelight
    astounding tracks from beatmaster JB.


    078 – Ultraljud – Stick to this


    – style : Electro / Lounge
    – prog : Logic & Ableton Live
    – date : 17 feb 2008

    077 – Haroon Piracha – Horizon Beyond


    – style : Melodic Progressive Trance
    – prog : Pro Tools / Reason
    – date : 13 feb 2008

    076 – destructo – In Twilight


    – style : Jazz/Ambient
    – prog : Reason 4 / Cubase SX3
    – date : 09 feb 2008

    075 – Candybag – Downtown Rumble


    – style : Drum & Bass
    – prog : Reason 3
    – date : 02 feb 2008

    074 – Joshua Morse – Lost Signal


    – style : Drum & Bass
    – prog : Various!
    – date : 28 jan 2008

    VGMDB back in action

    Secret Squirrel on VGMDB:

    Its seems like it’s been forever, even though we were only down for a
    bit over 4 weeks. Most everyone probably knows the story by now, but on
    January 17th the disc that holds VGMdb (and GFF) went down and wouldn’t
    boot back up. We scrambled around looking for our backups, discovering
    that what we had together was considerably older than we remembered, so
    old that the only option was to attempt some kind of data recovery. Our
    former hosting company LayeredTech agreed to send the dead drive to us
    if we paid a ransom of $300 plus shipping. We had no choice, and
    canceled our contract with them once Miles received the drive.
    So at this, we were looking at spending a significant amount of money
    recovering the data. This is where OCRemix steps into the picture.
    Starla (Injury on OCR) works for a data recovery center. With her
    expertise, Miles was able to repair the drive at minimal cost, after
    which it booted like a champ.

    A more detailed synopsis with photographs of the drive repair can be found here in the VGFrequency blog.

    So we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Starla, Liontamer, and the
    OCR crew, as well as to Miles for his skilled handiwork and for being
    the point man for the operation, and to Gigablah for getting everything
    up and running, even better than before.

    One thing that I can promise is that this will never happen again. The
    information in our database is priceless, and represents thousands of
    hours of work — research, translation, submission — performed by
    people all over the world. We hope to quickly reestablish your faith in
    our ability to serve as caretakers of the VGMdb data. Our new host (Servint)
    provides us with an on-site backup, which will make it easy to recover
    quickly from future hardware failures. Moreover, we are going to keep
    at least 4 distinct backups of the database and scans, in different
    parts of the world, so as not to rely on any single means of recovery.

    So with that, I’d like to welcome everyone back. If you find any new
    issues with the site, or if something isn’t working as you expected,
    please let us know by posting in the forum.

    Shnabubula releases yet another batch of chiptunes; This time in 16bit

    Sam has release quite a few of these batches of chiptunes, and all of them so far have been amazing. This time the tunes are 16-bit, as oppossed to the usual 8-bit, meaning they’re something like what you’d hear on SNES as opposed to an NES.

    Reunion077 by Haroon Piracha (FFmusic Dj)

    Platonist on OCReMix:

    Triumphant Return!
    At last, after more than a year of silence, our famous Los Angeles
    based hero Haroon Piracha aka FFmusic DJ returns! His epic Trancesound
    is wellknown in the VGM Arrangement Community and he is now taking it
    to the next step. His submission is a Melodic Progressive Trance track,
    which clearifies his position in music making.
    “Horizon Beyond” is now online!

    C64 Take-Away releases first episode of 2008


    Told you the C64 Take-away would be back in February, didn’t I? The
    first show for 2008 features a bit of catch-up on what’s been happening
    in the world of C64 related music – including two new album releases, a
    hardware gizmo that will let you musician types use that sweet SID
    sound in your work, and a couple of upcoming live concerts. Plus of
    course, lots and lots of great tunes carefully selected for your
    listening pleasure.

    Download or listen to the MP3 here (50:34 minutes, 46.4 Mb)

    Music played:

    • Thomas Detert – BMX Kidz (from the album Syntax Era)
    • MarkG – Parallax Melody (alto sax)
    • BeeZerk – Lets Fly (Skyhigh)
    • Hank (Lukasz Drzewiecki) – Yet Another Giana Sister
    • The C64 Orchestra – Delta High Score (from the album RUN 10)
    • Reyn Ouwehand – Green Beret [live at The Church] (The video footage of Reyn’s performance is also a must-see)

    Stuff mentioned:

    Unless otherwise stated tunes played on todays show are available for download from Remix.Kwed.Org, and from the HVSC.
    Leave feedback either by using the comment section, or by e-mail to
    C64Takeaway [AT] gmail [DOT] com. You can also add your pushpin to the C64 Take-away frappr map (be sure to add a shout-out otherwise I won’t get notified) or even send me a voice message.

    C64 Take-Away is “a semi-regularly dispensed dose of music from and/or inspired by the Commodore 64”.
    Produced and presented by Jan Lund Thomsen from Remix.Kwed.Org

    i want to build you a computer (posted on ocr)

    as posted on ocr:

    i build computers as a side business at college. i’d like to build you
    a computer. if you’re within, like, six hours of where i live, i’ll
    even drop the thing off for you.

    why would you take me up on this offer?
    >you probably don’t know enough about computers to build one yourself.
    can build it for you for less than half of what you’d pay for a similar
    computer through dell, lenovo (microsoft), hp, acer, etc.

    >i can customize it for your specific needs easily. need twelve USB
    ports? fine! need 4 terabytes of data storage? awesome! want the
    biggest, most pimped out system using the best components? sounds good
    to me!

    here’s how it works.
    >you pm me, and say ‘i want a computer!’
    >i’ll contact you (skype, aim, phone…anything real-time is ideal)
    and we’ll discuss what you want, and how much overhead you’ve got to
    work with
    >i’ll do a little research, and find out best costs and some timetable information, and get back to you
    >if you agree, i’ll order the parts, assemble them, and probably
    hand deliver the computer to your house. i’ll install any software you
    want, and have it optimized for whatever you need.

    i don’t use cut-rate components, or attempt to scam you. i’ve built
    thirty-one computers in the last two years for people and i’ve not had
    a problem that was caused by my handiwork with any of them. i’ll even overclock it (stablely) if you want me to.

    what i don’t work with

    >apple computers (not worth the time, IMO)

    >laptops (definitely not worth the time, no matter what)

    why am i doing this?

    >i love building computers. the smell of a component fresh from the box is like ambrosia to my senses.

    >i enjoy working with the hardware end of computing technology.

    if anyone’s interested (i’m not planning on a lot of people being
    interested, but it’s worth a shot), send me a pm and we’ll go from

    it’s worth noting that i’ve already have three or four contracts for computers set up (including escariot), and another ten people who will be contacting me within the next few months as they get financial means together (including atma and arek).
    i generally charge 10% of the cost of the parts for assembly and
    handling – which generally winds up being around 50-70 dollars.

    if you’re interested, either email me at bradleyDOTburrAThoughtonDOTedu, or pm me over at ocr, and we’ll go from there.

    OCremix tracks getting airtime on wcradio.com

    Just posting a quick note to let the community know that the entire
    archive of OCRemix tracks is on our 24/7 playlist on WoW Radio (http://www.wcradio.com),
    played on our live talk-shows, and incorporated, with proper
    accreditation, into our podcasts as music breaks. We have checked the
    terms of use and to our knowledge are fully complaint with the OCRemix
    license and regulations. Any artist who does not wish to be a part of
    our programming, feel free to email [email protected] and we’ll have your material removed.

    “A little background on our organization. WoW Radio has been running for
    over 3 years providing original talk-show content to the World of
    Warcraft community. We currently service over 125,000 unique listeners
    a month, and over 750,000 podcasts are downloaded every month from our
    site. Our content is available through all major RSS-compatible
    distributors including iTunes, and our live stream can be listened to
    through our website via any shoutcast compatible media player.

    “Thanks again to this community for providing such a wealth of quality
    content. We hope we can help give you the exposure you deserve.

    TB. Station owner.

    zircon Launches Artist Workshop Series on SoundTempest

    Today, zircon released his new “Artist Workshop” series starting with a discussion on Home Studios. For those of you who are looking into a home studio, or professional studio solution, this is definitely a read for you. Here is an excerpt from the workshop:

    Are you interested in creating music and distributing it to the general public? If so, it is easier than you think to put together a high-quality album ready for sale on the market, regardless of your musical training or access to a professional recording studio. This guide will take you through the process of creating a setup in your own
    home capable of producing a great musical product.