Game Music 4 All looking for contributors for Genesis/Megadrive compilation!

From GM4A:

Everyone, time for our next compilation! What we are looking for are
any and all songs about the Sega Genesis (or Megadrive, if you will)

192KBPS or better quality track

song can be made specifically for this album, or donated from previous work

I need your email address, and myspace URL if you have one

of songs from Sega Genesis games – Please let me know the game and
original song name so we don’t have ten covers of the first level of
streets of rage or something

Songs with Lyrics – The instrumentation can be a game song remix or original tune, as long as you are singing/rapping about the genesis or a game found on the sega genesis!

Songs are needed by October 1st! And the songs should be well and cleanly recorded, and be awesome!

PS If you are doing a sonic cover, pick something obscure, all the most recognizable ones are taken! Also, I want an SNES diss song somewhere on this compilation!

virt releases Kwakfest Album preview video

Okay, so I’m a year and a half late,
but you guys know all the crazy stuff that’s happened in the past year
and a half –I have not forgotten about my album(s), and last weekend I
finished recording all my best Kwakfests, and I’m releasing a few
previews as Youtube videos.
Here’s the first:


Keep checking back for more info, this is going to come together quickly, I think. So far, plans are to sell an actual disc and maybe put it on iTunes somehow. We will see.

mithius releases ”The Story of Hyrule”; 44 track arrangement/original album.

A few days ago, on a couple of forums, community member mithius released “The Story of Hyrule.” An epic 44 track album, comprised of both arrangements from Zelda 1 through a Link to the Past, as well as a number of original tracks. The post was long and kind of disjointed, the website was a bit “1996”, but the music was absolutely AMAZING. That’s when I decided to start work on a proper website and hosting to really showcase mithius’s hard work.
I want to point out that, even though it’s hosted under the ReMix:ThaSauce subdomain, this album is NOT affiliated with R:TS or ThaSauce at all. I simply wanted to make sure this album got proper presentation. All the music and story on the site is by mithius and mithius alone. All I did was give him a website and some hosting. (I would’ve like to give him a subdomain, but that’s just not an option at this point.)

Anyway, give it a listen an enjoy an epic musical journey through the lands of Hyrule!

Original discussion on OC ReMix.

Original discussion on ThaSauce.

Team Fortress 2 Samplepack Compo

This week we will be holding a special compo. The theme is a samplepack containing all the sound effects and voices from Team Fortress 2. Please be aware that there are a large number of samples and going through them may be somewhat overwhelming – which is one of the reasons why this compo will be open for one week. Starting this Sunday, you may begin your song. Please have it uploaded by next Sunday, July 27th by 9 PM Pacific / Midnight Eastern.

Complete Pack 44.9 MB

If you prefer not to download the whole pack at once, below are the individual components.

Individual Packs 3.73 MB 5.36 MB 3.71 MB 9.41 MB 4.75 MB 169 KB 1.10 MB 3.65 MB 5.17 4.55 3.25

You may use your own samples in addition to this set, and you of course don’t have to use all of them (considering there are 1,780 files total). You must use at least one sample in its entirety. Here is an example:

Good luck!

New ThaSauce T-Shirts Ready for Pre-Order.

The design is finished, and I’m ready to order the shirts. I just need to know how many to get. Right now shirts will cost $20 a piece, which includes shipping. HOWEVER the more pre-orders I can, the cheaper the price gets. I’d like to see it get down to around $15, but it’s really up to you people.

OLRmageddon Competition XIX: Nintendo 64 and Cats

Overlooked ReMix is now accepting entries for July’s OLRmageddon competition. The theme this month is Nintendo 64 with the bonus theme being anything involving cats.

Yes, cats!

Official thread can be found HERE.

Competition rules and competition history can be found HERE.

contest is open to remixers both old and new, and is open to people
from all remix communities. OLR is great for people with less than
traditional remixing styles, or those looking for more open-minded
submission guidelines.

Mixing ends on July 27th at 11:59 PM EST (8:59 PM for the PST-ers).

Have fun and good luck!