iDoom for iPod

That’s not a joke, some team has ported original DOOM to the iPod.

Currently iDoom works on the following iPods:

  • iPod 1G (scroll wheel)
  • iPod 2G (touch wheel)
  • iPod 3G (disorientated keys)
  • iPod 4G (click wheel)
  • iPod Photo
  • iPod Color
  • iPod Mini (both versions)
  • iPod nano

For more info, screens, etc, etc. Check out the website @:

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Ramaniscence is the remixing moniker of Doug Arley. Doug has been an active member in the OverClocked ReMix community since early 2002, and has made numerous contributions since. In May of 2005 he launched ThaSauce, video game remix news site.