Memories EP released April 25th

So Xerol posts his album, I figure I’d post mine. Last month I released a short ambient EP [an EP is basically a short album, 20 minutes or less, or in oldschool terms a 7″ vinyl]. So far I’ve recieved nothing but positive feedback, which I guess is a good thing, so if you like ambient you might like this. It’s basically 4 tracks and 16 minutes of music. Click “Read more” for the links.

Direct link [17.3 MB]

OCR thread

VGMix thread

My DeviantArt page for the album art


My upcoming projects are a chiptune disk for Anime ReMix and a “spiritual sequel” of SoundTempest called The Fifth Garden. I will also likely create another album for Auld Lang Sine 4, whenever Ubik decides to announce that.

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