CompoST 65! They are dropping like flies!

Well, we had some trouble with this one. Andyjayne and UncleBen had to drop out which left us with two people, but Xerol and DjSammyG showed up late to fill in the two absences. And Xerol’s song placed better than mine ;o. Today’s theme was “Sunny Green Hills” so we had a lot of happy entries today.

Here are the songs and results

CompoSTs [short for
Compo and SoundTempest put together :)] are thematic videogame music
OHCs, held in #soundtempest on EsperNet. They are scheduled whenever
anyone feels like compoing.

Formats allowed are mp3/ogg, and music modules [it,s3m,xm,mod].

host the CompoSTs personally and also participate. I pick the theme and
regulate the start and end time. I also decide whether the channel
votes on a winner or not [sometimes when I am tired, there is no voting

Come hang out in #soundtempest, and please let me know if/when you would like to have one.


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