Nintendo’s Wii Invades Retirement Communities

Nintendo’s Wii is more than just a next-generation video games machine… it’s a hit with the greatest generation, too. After taking the Wii to a reluctant AARP convention, the Sedgebrook retirement home in Lincolnshire, Illinois has had a console set up in their lounge.
So far, the big hit among septagenarians is Wii Bowling; many of the new group of elderly gamers have bowled their entire lives, and now they’re granted a chance to compete again, in a way that allows for tournaments spanning the globe… without the ten pound balls. The real selling point for many, though, is the realism the Wiimote grants them, says Don Hahn, a 76 year old bowling veteran:
“This is pretty realistic. You can even put English on the ball.”

sources: DailyTech, Chicago Tribune

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