Jeriaska on Radio Free Gamer, Wed. at 7PM EST

Jeriaska (of Nobuooo, Gamasutra, and GameSetWatch) will be featured on this week’s episode of Radio Free Gamer.  We discuss a roundtable discussion he held with four independent video game composers.  We discuss production of music for independent video games and the series of video interviews he did for Nobuooo.  Airs Wednesday at 7PM EST and is added to the podcast on Friday.
This week on RFG, Jeriaska (of Nobuooo, Gamasutra, and GameSetWatch)
joins us to discuss a roundtable he held with four independent game
composers. This leads to an interesting conversation about music in
independent games. Also discussed is his monthly series of video
interviews with VGM artists.

Also, a very special Win of the
Week for all you Valve fans and a preview of Otakon 2009 (or in other
words, I tell you how I plan to distribute the 2,000 business cards I
just ordered!).

Listen live Wednesday July 8th at 7PM EST only on! The podcast will be updated Friday, or thereabouts. See you then!

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