VGMix Coming Back? A Nugget of Hope?

A drunken puggle brings hope of better times!

by Ramaniscence

For anyone that doesn’t know, VGMix has been down for quite some time now. Not just VGMix 2, but even the new stand-in VGMix X had disapeared from the internet entirely. virt had mentioned there was issues with the hosting, and the content management system had problems anyway (new user registration had been down for a long time as it was.)

However recently it seems there has been some activity. A nugget of hope in the form of…well, virt’s puggle Nugget. Does this mean the gears are in motion once again? Could we see VGMix 3 finally sometime in the foreseeable future? Hopefully we’ll get more information about this sometime soon.

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Post kwakfest report.

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