Mario Mouse

Novelty mice for PCs never really made a
splash in the marketplace. One reason may be the ergonomics of a mouse
crafted like a hamburger hardly make for comfortable web surfing or
extensive sessions of one’s latest gaming addiction. To add to the crop
of uncomfortable novelty mice, Banpresto has announced Mario and Goomba
versions which may appeal to retro Famicom fans. The promotional sheet
for the mice lists compatibility with PCs only but since there are no
special software drivers, we’re guessing that they’ll work with Macs as
well. Preorders are welcome today to ship in mid-late November 2005.

Pictures here..

VGDJ: Episode #006

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix:
Rayza cries about his dead hard drive while Aurora sat in the editors
chair, Chrono Symphonic Q&A’s are revealed and we need something
spicy for the Curry. New ReMix Reviews, Rama’s report, Russion ReMix
Roulette and zombie fetishes are all included in this sexomophontastic

Pick it up at:

Rawk rises from ashes with new ProjectX infoz

Not many people still around today can remember the initial releases of ProjectX and ProjectX2, or even the days of SuperRadioX, but I know I certainly do. Recently Rawk has made a suprise post on the OCR forums with the first bit of news on any of the above in QUITE some time:

Hey everybody!

I haven’t been here in a while. My latest private message is from 2003! Just wanted to let everyone know that
is back up with a new design and new features (anyone know how I can
get djpretzel to change the website link on our profile here)? Also,
ROK and I are working on an all-new musical thing that is 10x bigger
than anything we’ve done before. I don’t know when it will be done, but
probably by the end of the year. It’s not game music, but I think you
guys would like it anyway.

I know it’s been a long time, but I hope some of you at least
remember us. It wasn’t easy recording the Mega Man 2 & 3
soundtracks in a dorm room with no drums!

Oh yeah, and if anyone is interested, I’m also updating the Super Radio X forums to be all nice and neat and located right at Not that anybody cares about that anymore either.

So… hello again! hope things have been well, and please visit our fancy new site

Rise of the Star Released

Rise of the Star is a collection of remixes from
the classic platformer, Kirby’s Adventure. With this project, we aimed
to write character themes for each of the titles given to Kirby
throughout the game. After nearly 10 months of work, the album has
turned out to be quite a remarkable collection of remixes. We hope
everyone enjoys our work.

The music is available on the site in MP3 format, and we’ve also got a torrent running on OCR’s BitTorrent Tracker ( where you can get both compressed MP3s and lossless FLACs.

Thank You.

Romeros City Of The Dead Trailer

Romero, zombies & lots of gore. I’m all over this stuff. Don’t miss
out on this absolutely brutal trailer for George Romero’s City of the

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Calendar Module & FAQ

In case you haven't noticed it yet, there's a new calendar module on
the right of the main page, just below the user info panel. The
objective of this is to give you guys a quick glance of what's going on
in the community. You can submit your own calendar events (birthdays,
radio shows, compos, etc) by clicking on the calendar link to your
left, and clicking on 'Create an Event'. Before you do this however, I
implore you to read the Calendar FAQ, and keep your events along the guidelines posted therein. Thanks for your time. 😉


Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Project Open to New Submissions

The Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Project (working title) is open once
again to new submissions. The project represents a collaborative effort
to arrange 49 tracks from the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo soundtrack
3 from
earlier games in the series in a style evocative of urban
atmospheres–Back-alley bars and warehouse raves; Street venders frying
traditional foods on their carts in Chinatown and Little
Mexico; a fenced-in playground hosting more than just school children;
a Hole-in-the wall punk rock club that VH1 will pick up on ten
years after the fact;a Rush-hour corner of the financial district,
teeming with human life; a
mom-and-pop store arcade where local kids’ stake out their tiny claims
to fame–to the effect of creating a cohesive concept album,
encompassing (and primarily limited to) hip-hop, trance/rave, hard rock
and Rob-Dougan style electronica. More then
two thirds of the track list is still open and we welcome talented
musicians both established and new to the game music arrangement scene.
Check the project thread at Overclocked ReMix for details.