The Jump Button – 08/11 @ 6PM EST

Call-In Topic 8/11

week, we’ll be joined by The King Of Random himself, Variable Rush.
He’ll join us for all the usual antics, and to talk about his radio
show, The Random Hour. Also to commemorate the occasion, the
playlist will be as random as the hosts. To join in on the fun, call
the toll-free number above.
Start Time: 18:00
Ending Time: 21:00

Event Description:
The Jump Button 6-9pm EST
Music from Video Games, Cartoons, & Anime

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1-800-585-4322 Ext. 9676

Doom – The Dark Side of Phobos – Released!

Here it is, folks. Almost a year of hard work, dedication and hair-pulling, The Dark Side of Phobos
is released and ready to rock. 23 tracks of remixed Doom goodness,
available for your downloading pleasure. This official Overclocked
Remix project features the talents of: analoq, ArseAssassin, Beatdrop,
Bladiator, Daniel Baranowsky, DJ Carbunk1e, Evil Horde, Elsa Persson,
Hemophiliac, Joker, Larsec, myself, Nousetre, Pixietricks, Prophecy,
RoeTaKa, Ryan8Bit, S|r Nuts and TO. There are both Mp3 downloads and a
(quite large) Bittorrent file with both Flac and Mp3 available on the
There are both Mp3 downloads and a (quite large) Bittorrent file with
both Flac and Mp3 available on the site. I recommend that you use the
Bittorrent, if just to ease the assault on the mirrors. If you can,
please seed once you are done downloading! More information is
available on the site. Please direct your comments, complaints,
compliments and other feedback to this thread and I hope you enjoy The Dark Side of Phobos!

-Navid Azeez (Mythril Nazgul)

VGDJ: Episode #012

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix: We celebrate the release of DOOM: The Dark Side of Phobos ReMix Project! Interview with the project coordinator, Mythril Nazgul,
and some Doom-tastic tracks… Spacemen, our Last Rights and
Testiesments, and a giant green-headed polka dot-covered alien comes
back from our childhood to haunt us.

Get the show at

Jack Thompson: More than a few fries short of a happy meal…

So being an insomniac of sorts, I decided to poke around the internet
to keep myself occupied earlier this morning. I did my rounds to the
few sites I regularly visit in the order I expected them to be
interesting. The last site I checked was VGCats. While there the latest news article happened too catch my eye:

Saturday, August
6, 2005 4:26 PM – Jacko

I’m fairly sure Jack Thompson isn’t right in the head.
Forwards an email to me about Killer 7. I email him
back. He threatens legal action for harrasment. Wtf?

Read the full thing here.

Edit: Yes I checked the headers. Same IP, it was him
both times and not a spoof.

So APPARENTLY Jack Thompson is forwardining his huge and elaborately
written exagerrations and forwarding to them to people who parody him,
while ADDRESSING them on a FIRST NAME BASIS, and THEN completely forget
(more like flat out lying) he sent it in the FIRST PLACE, but not
before throwing a few other lines in for good measure:

“Get a name and a life.”

Oh the irony in that one.

“No, you emailed me. HOnestly, are
all of you gamers on drugs, or what?

Gee thanks, Jack. Nice generalization =.

“dear idiot: you initially contacted
me. stop, or else. got it?”

Jack Thompson…king of the insult.

Anyway VGCats is claiming that all of this IS indeed real, as stated
above. Really nothing would suprise me at this point, but if it IT
indeed real, then I think it’s QUITE clear Jack Thompson has a bit more
than a few screws loose. Possibly the entire chassis.

OverLooked RemiX

It has recently come to my attention that OverLooked Remix hasn’t been getting much attention here. So, I will take it upon myself to bring all of you news from our fair little site.
Our Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time project finally has a name “OLRina Of Time” and needs more remixers and art for new sigs.

A mini flood of new remixes came yesterday, with remixes by big names like analoq and mythril nazgul, so be sure to check those out, along with all the other new remixes on the site.

Dwelling of Duels July Results

The Dwelling of Duels results for July are in (July’s theme was Mario games):

#1 – Ashane and Norg: Sonic Depths (86)

#2 – Tackle: Virt’s Castle of Inspiration (68)

#3 – CarboHydroM: Penguin Cap (64)

For a complete list of results and discussion on August’s competition, head on over to the thread @ the Minibosses’ message board.

For complete list of downloads visit [email protected].

Doujin spotlight: Music Fantasy Tactics 2

Music Fantasy Tactics 2, the followup to last year’s FF Tactics/Advance arrangement project, has now finally been officially unveiled.
Organized by Dynastess, it features 26 tunes and 25 participants.
Definitely worth checking out for any fan of FFT or just good music in

The tracks can be downloaded here. (Note: The files are compressed using the LZH format, so you will need an appropriate program to extract the MP3s).