Spamtron LIVE! March 22nd in Olympia, WA.

EDIT: Maybe it is happening. I dunno!

SPAMTRON will be playing live on the 22nd of March at 19:00 at “MC Firedrill’s Fortress of Pwn” I’m not sure where that actually is, but rest assured I will be there also, rocking out to Spamtron’s chiptunes and stuff. If you’re in the Northwest you need to come check this out. Spamtron is a CRAZY EXCITING DUDE and you’re missing out if you haven’t met him or seen him play yet. I may update this news post later with directions to the place, if you’re in the area and wanna come check this out.

Here is his MySpace [one of many].


A little site I happened to wander across while doing my daily browsing of classic games is Cosmic-Dreams

If there’s some good ol’ music from classic DOS, Amiga or some other games you just can’t seem to find mp3/ogg’s of, this just might be what you’re looking for! And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can make a request!
Cosmic-Dreams posts music from MS-DOS games in mp3/ogg format. And in
the case of MIDI formats from the original game scores, they too are
rendered beautifully in mp3/ogg format. (if you have a dreadful MIDI
output like I do, these are well worth the download than just relying
on the original MIDI’s)

The posted tracks are in the forums. There’s even a section for
requesting tracks from certain games for those who don’t find what
they’re looking for. I recommend those who check the site out to
especially look into downloading the Darklands and The Immortal
soundtracks, very good stuff!

The site still seems to be in its infant phase, but hopefully it’ll grow, since there’s A LOT of classic DOS games I wouldn’t mind nabbing the audio from. So head on over, check out the songs, make some requests, and of course say “hi!” to Skatoony!

Post kwakfest report.

VGMix held a kwakfest Friday night/Saturday morning in which I, and 34 other mixes from around the community participated. Other mixers include Ubik, virt, injury, Spamtron, SnappleMan, tumult, and many many moreeeeeeeee.

This was actually my first kwakfest, even though I’d listened in on
quite a few before. It was a LOT of fun and I can’t wait to join in on
the next one.
kwakfests are a 1-hour midi compo held in #kwakfest on VGMix’s IRC channel. They include a theme which…is more or less a suggestion. Afterwards everyone listens to the tracks produced together.

A Kwakfest is, simply, a one-hour General MIDI compo. Compos are timed contests in which musicians, artists, or programmers create the best possible example of their work — from scratch — within a given time limit, under a specific set of limitations. The most common compos are hour-long tracked module competitions, where musicians use a composition tool called a tracker to write a song in 60 minutes. Surprisingly, many musicians are quite good at this, and can write several minutes worth of music with time to spare. One-hour music compos are typically referred to as OHCs, and have a long history with many notable participants. Most of the VGMix crew work primarily with MIDI sequencers as opposed to module trackers, so we’ve adapted the OHC tradition to our working method, noncompetitive spirit, and general rejection of any seriousness at all.

Last week’s theme was…well it was lookin’ something like JPOP + Sports, and you can find the tracks here:

Ormgas Shutting Down

Just got the news from starla. This was posted on Ormgas:

Since the cat is out of the bag due to the poll I might as well give you the full story.

Yes, ormgas is shutting down in the beginning of July. Some of you will
be upset and many of you saw it coming miles away and won’t really

One of the reasons for this is that I’m moving to a new apartment and
will lose the 100/10MBit fiber connection for a poor 24/1 ADSL
connection. Another, fairly huge, reason is that time and interest have
been fading away for me and w-ber for a very long time. We have had
some very good ideas about what to do with the site, how to redesign it
and which features to implement, but we’re simply out of time.

I’ll try to write up a longer forum post summarizing the life of ormgas
and things that were discussed behind the scenes but never saw the
light of day.