Freeware Video Game Company Simulator & More

I happened to stumble upon a website recently that has freeware games.. and not only that, they’re GOOD! One that happened to catch my eye was a game called GameBiz! Where you control a small video game company during the big video game boom of the early 80’s.
You manage employees and contracts while deciding such
factors as the genre of a game, what platform it will be for, research into upcoming platforms, if it will have multiplayer, if to
beta-test it, etc. But while doing this you have to manage finances, the time to create the game and how well certain genres of a game are doing in the current market to maximize profit. While the game is being produced you can send it off to gaming magazines and have them rate it in the three major categories. Graphics, Music, and of course the all-important Gameplay. Hiring project managers, renting out sound/graphic studios, etc. will all help in improving your games. But just be sure to keep an eye on that cashflow!

This game and other greats can be found at Osiris Games.

Also in the works is a sequel to GameBiz!, appropriately named “GameBiz II”. Screenshots and news for it can be found here.

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