CompoST 60!

CompoST 60 happened today! Not as good of a turnout today as I’d hoped, but I still had fun. The theme was “Alien hive,” so like certain parts of the original Metroid or Prime, or perhaps even the Zerg music from StarCraft, who doesn’t love that :)? Anyway, the entrants were myself, Xerol, D-Lux, and Suzumebachi. There was no voting this time.

Entries are here

As always, #soundtempest on PLEASE join the channel, and let me or Ty know if you want to participate in a CompoST. We can discuss and set a proper time for everyone.

I tried going for the zerg approach, of course, because that’s the music that’s been running through my head these past few days. During the compo I had some complications so I didn’t get all the ideas down that I wanted to do.

D-Lux’s is obviously humor, though he was on the right track towards a good melody.

Xerol’s was pretty neat, though it would have worked well as a short loop, since that’s basically what it is, repeated a few times. But it’s an interesting take on the theme. And a very erotic title.

Suzu’s reminded me more of the Protoss than anything 😀 only more “street-smart” or whatever. Wrong kind of alien, but the quality was okay.