Help Wingless with his *other* game

The wingless posted on OCReMix:

Hello all!

I’m working on a little flash shmup (oh and sidenote: that ad you see on OCR this month is another one of my games. Feel free to click and buy) and I’m doing what a lot of the big-boys in the Industry do: collect lots of data and redesign accordingly.

So I have a working build and an online survey ready. For those of you
who are interested, I’d love it if you played around with the build for
a bit, then answer the very brief survey. It would help me immensely,
and plus, you get to be part of the Game’s Industry… tacitly!


Here is the working build (give it a few seconds)

And here is the online survey.…ZEFB8pXg_3d_3d


Oh, and for those of you interested, here are some screens and mockups!


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