New (& old) zyko at VGmix, plus EonBlue

So I was checking out the VGMix RSS feed, when I had saw that zyko had released a song call ‘marblez in your mouf.’
Well a name like that does tend to spark some interest, and I’m a
pretty big zyko fan as it is, so I decided to head over there and check
it out.

Turns out ‘marblez in your mouf’ is an arrangement of Marble Garden Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog and is a follow up to zyko’s Green Hill arrangement, ‘The Green Hills of East Bay’, from back in April.

As with most zyko songs, it’s not exactly easy to explain. It a pretty
smoothed out, roughed up, chilled, tossed, and saut?d, all in 1
package. However, no matter what you call it, it’s awesome. Granted it
might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like the original, or
are familiar with/enjoy zyko’s other tracks, then you should be able to
appreciate this one.

While there I also decided to pick up another zyko track that was
actually a lot older (October 30th, 2004), but I had never seen before.
The song is called ‘Of Futility and Hope’ and is an arrangement of the ever-so-popular Tristram music from Diablo & Diablo 2. As this song is pretty effing old, I won’t go on to really talk about it beyond saying it’s about 13 minutes of rock solid win.

Another thing I noticed on the RSS feed was that yesterday EonBlue had released his OverClocked ReMix Idol round 1 submission, ‘Mild Psychosis’,
to VGMix. It’s a remix of Shademan’s music from Megaman 7 (which I
haven’t played because I’m not a huge fan of Megaman games) and it was
DEFINITELY one of my favorite tracks in the first round. If you haven’t
heard it yet, it’s worth listening to, even if you’ve never heard the
source music like I hadn’t until the actual competition.