Press Start: Mustin interview hosted at OUS

Tomorrow’s (May 11th) epside of “Press Start”, Justin “UnforgivingEdges” Fassino’s VG Radio show, will feature a track off of OneUpStudios’s newest album Xenogears Light (which includes artists such as David “Dhsu” Hsu and OCR Judge The Wingless) as well as an interview with Mustin himself. In his thread over at OCR Justin writes, “The
show is tomorrow morning, and will feature a track off of Xenogears
Light, as well as something by the One Ups themselves. As the thread
title indicates, Mustin will be on the show and we’ll be talking music
and E3 and OUS and such. [I’ll] also be doing gaming news, etc etc.

Press Start airs every Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:00am PDT (-8 GMT). Information about the show can be found via the stream for the show is located at and the show email is [email protected].

Additional note: The show itself is not live and you can find the pre-recorded Mustin interview on the main page over at