A few updates here and there…

So to anyone who hasn’t already noticed, I’ve made a few changes. Based on some feedback I got from Rayza
and a few others, I added a new  User Info box, that displays how
many messages you have new AND old (previously just showed messages in
your inbox, whether they were new or not), as well as added a total
hits counter. (I should also note that detailed site statistics can be found under the statistics section of the Site Navigation menu.)

As a result of the new user info box disrupting a few things in the
tables, I’ve decided to change the new default theme to a contrast
version of the old default, with a width of 100% rather than 750 fixed
pixels. Please remember there are still other themes available (3D-Fantasy & Extra Light are seemingly pretty popular as well). I will of course be continuing to update/add/edit themes as time progresses.

Lastly, as a result of the default theme switch, I’ve decided to add a new poll
on how people feel able me changing from GIFs to PNGs. For those of you
who don’t know what that MEANS, PNGs are higher quality than GIFs,
which means they may have a slightly larger file size, but also have
better transparency support than GIFs. HOWEVER, the transparency of
PNGs is incompatible with Internet Explorer and thusly turns up
completely black (or something similiar). As this is still a pilot, and
nearly 90% of our page views have been with PNG compatible browsers,
I’ve begun to wonder how many people would actually care/mind.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. As always feedback on the site, the
name, the themes, the news, anything really, would be greatly
appreciated, AND encouraged.

Note: At some point in the following couple of weeks I plan to open
a bank account, set up a paypal, and possibly purchase an actual domain.
What that domain will be is still subject to discussion, but if no
other suggestion is presented, ThaSauce.net is still available. After
the domain is registered, and the site transferred, I’ll add a donation
block, at which point any who care to donate, can. Obviously, all money
donated will go solely to site hosting costs and so on and so forth.