Doujin highlight: Preludio

Today, I’d like to bring to your attention a doujin band by the name of
Preludio. Mainly guitar-based, they have a great arrangement
style, awesome technique, and just an all-around charismatic
sound. Their most recent album, For All You FF Lovers,
covers music from every Final Fantasy up to the 9th game. You can
download a demo from their works page, as well as several other miscellaneous MP3s (including their rendition of GT2’s “Moon Over The Castle”). No info as to how to obtain the actual CD yet…there’s a link to a Japanese mail order site here (search for “Preludio”), but I’m unsure as to whether they accept international orders.

Still, what’s on their site should last you at least a little while. Again, it’s
all in Japanese, so you might need Babelfish to get around. Enjoy!