Dwelling of Duels – May Results

The Dwelling of Duels, a monthly (and
occasionally bi-monthly) competition where people who play instruments
(mostly guitarists, but some play piano or even saxaphone) cover or arrange
video game music, has just wrapped up for the month of May.

This month was themed for entries from Konami games. The top three winners were:

goat – Castlevania – Scourge of 1691 (116 pts)

virt – Metal Gear – MY FREQUENCY IS 140.85 (111 pts)

housethegrate and Ashane – Madara – Madara, Movement 1 (96 pts)

The full list of entrants, results and mp3s can be found here.

The theme for the month of June will be a ‘free’ month, meaning any song from any game is allowed, as long as it meets the rules.

The new due date for songs is Monday the 27th of this month, by 6 AM
PST. If you don’t feel up to making a full 2 minute song, there is also
a special competition themed towards joke songs. All the information
for that is contained here.

More information about DoD can be found on the website.

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