Updates and Upgrade COMPLETE!

I was able to upgrade the site’s engine, PHPNuke, to version 7.8
successfully, as well as update some misc files WITHOUT breaking
anything. The previous problems with Private Messages and the
semi-nonexistent Forums have disapoofed.

This means:
A. Rama will be happy that his site is FINALLY operational again.
B. I will have the satisfaction of momentary peace from Rama’s insistent nagging.
and C. ThaSauce is still your place of holy worship… err, your place
where you can get the latest on games, music, anime, or any combination
of the three!
Yeah, that’s what I meant. Really.

Over the next couple days, Rama and I plan to implement a serious of
updates to the site, which might even include an option for users to
have their own blog right here on ThaSauce!

(Screw LiveJournal, ThaSauce for teh win!)