Baranowsky and Shnabubula No Longer Judges

Danny B and Mr. Shnabubula are no longer judges at OCR.

After a long and honorable stay as Judge, Mr. Baranowsky has left his
post in order to pursue his career in the film industry. Since joining
the panel in February 2004 as well as being a long time contributer to
the site, he has become a valued and respected member of the OCR
Community. His departure as judge may come as a surprise to some, but
he will be missed by all.

After a relatively short stay as Judge, Shnabubula was decidedly
removed from the panel through an agreement by his fellow Judges. “He
just wasn’t a fit with the panel for various
reasons and we have decided it would be better to part ways with Shna
at this point.” says GrayLightning. Many doomsayers have pounced on
this news, making vague accusations about foul play by DJP and the rest
of the judges. DJP has responded to such accusations: “
While the usual dirt-diggers might try to read a
lot between the lines here, which isn’t surprising, I’m cool with Sam,
Sam appears to be cool with me & the rest of the panel… In general this just wasn’t very scandalous, nor
do I think it reflects poorly on anyone in particular.” he says. In any case, we’ll be sad to see him go.

DJP is expected to make an announcement about this turn of events in an
upcoming write-up. There are no plans to replace these gentlemen on the
panel in the near future.