Videogame Remake of 1986’s World Series Game 6

From slashdot:

Even non-baseball fans must concede that the re-creation
of the bottom half of the 10th inning of Game Six of the 1986 World
Series, using the original broadcast audio and a replay with Nintendo’s
RBI Baseball, took enormous dedication.

‘Something like the Keith Hernandez at-bat, where he flies out to center, took like 200 attempts,’
Creator Conor Lastowka told Though it wasn’t quite as hard as
it looks: ‘Thanks to the emulator software, each time Mr. Hernandez’s
at-bat strayed from history’s script, Mr. Lastowka was able to replay
from the previous at-bat. Using a computer rather than an actual game
console like a PlayStation allowed Mr. Lastowka to save his progress
along the way. He built his precise Game-Six replica bit by bit — not
in one flawless, improbable take.’ Before he made the viral video,
Lastowka was jobless; three days after its release, he had a job with a
classic-films company.