Hellven, DoD updates

So, um, hi guys! My name is MagiNinjA. I’m an old admin here and I’ve been inactive for a while (according to Rama, a million years), and when I come back, I’ll some guides and tha shizzle (haha, that should be a rapping compo for tha sauce XD). As an admin, I mainly report stuff, write/edit guides, and suggest stuff. Basically, I track the details. I also have stuff in the works to help you out you musicians and power users.
Now! Tha News! Unfortunately, some of our more distant relatives of ThaSauce released an album! LAST YEAR!! As far as I know, this was not posted, but was mentioned on Larry’s Saucy Year-In Review.

DWELLING OF DUELSAmerican Adventure Games Month 2006 (April)
#1 – virt – Day of the Tentacle + Monkey Island – Look Behind You!
#2 (tie) Danimal Cannon: King’s Quest V – A Willow that Weeps
#2 (tie) Ryan8bit: King’s Quest V – The Wizards’ Accord
#3 Chunkstyle: The Neverhood – Willie Guitar

May 2006 is a Free Month. GET TO IT 😀

Also, a buddy of mine nicknamed CarboHydroM released some shizzle. Songs, drawings, photos, etc. There is also a new layout if that wasn’t reported. Looks beautiful and very Unsealed-esque. He also organized the whole lot of songs. Very nicely done.