Anime Chipdisk Vol. 1 released

Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for! CHIPDISK DAY! I decided to
release it a day earlier here though since Anime ReMix is awesome.
There’s also a thread since they’re cool too.
Coda, Tenemis and Nobuyuki helped me out immensely and I couldn’t have
done it without them.

Tell your friends!

This is a sizable collection of small, loopable chiptunes of
popular anime OP themes, complete with its own player so you don’t have
to download XMPlay or the winamp BASS plugin or anything. You can also
fit the entire thing uncompressed onto a single floppy disk and play it on any computer! I will copy my writeup from the NFO:

Welcome to the first collection of awesome

anime chips! Hopefully public interest

will push us to make another one.

Feel free to send me requests!

For this chipdisk I decided to cover OP

themes from the most popular anime,

though Tenemis wanted his

Azuki-chan ending to be used.

This is okay!

If another anime chipdisk is created, I

may focus on BGM or ending themes.

You may notice some of the songs are a lot

different than the original. Especially

those awful OverCoat tracks! Well, changes

happen when you compress something down to

4 channels. There are also some things I

just can’t track. At least the melody is

still intact.

Don’t forget to turn looping on 🙂

a lot of the songs take advantage

of song looping, and will flow

better if this is on.