Anime Remix Halloween Remix Competition 2K6!

BOO! Now the competition we’ve all been waiting about a year for!

Welcome to the official Anime Remix Halloween Remix Competition 2007!

The rules are simple. Remix any song allowed by AR standards [any anime
or cartoon] with a catch! The catch is, the song must be Halloween
themed! Think witches, vampires, black cats, loli vampire catgirl
witches, ghouls, ghosts, Xaleph, and goblins! We’ll save the sappy
stuff ’til Christmas >:D

I’m hoping to see people like Aktulua and Analoq back this year, and hopefully some new faces.

Oh right, and THE SONGS ARE DUE 11:59 OCTOBER 30TH [GMT to avoid timezone confusion] SO YOU HAVE A WHOLE MONTH! GL HF NEXTMAP

Here is the Anime ReMix thread