Mega Man 3: Magnet Beat

OCReMix has a lot of remixes from Mega Man 3, a very popular Mega Man game. Some remix WIPs of this game are never released and have disappeared from the Earth. It’s not good, some of these WIPs are very nice. Here is an old WIP, released around 2004:

It’s a song from Whipper, an unknown remixer. It’s his only support to the OCReMix community. He did some other songs, but these songs aren’t good, they aren’t VG remixes and they aren’t even 50% finished. Whipper is not active anymore, so I don’t think he will finish this trancy remix.

It is a trance remix from Mega Man 3 Magnet Man Theme. Magnet Man is not the most remixed song, especially not in this way. Check out the song and enjoy.

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