The Corner Store (Rant Edition)

Today may seem like it should be listed as gaming news. It’s not.
Today, I’m going to speculate on those crazy f**ks who play horrid games ON PURPOSE. Even for the sake of reviewing them, and warning us away from such piles of putrid stench, you have to wonder what kind of immense self-hate that these people must have to willingly pick up a copy of a game that is worth less than the plastic used to make the cart or CD.
I’m sure that you’ve all read some of these reviews and webpages
and were thankful for the dry humor and informative insight into what
makes such games the crap that they are (SomethingAwful comes to
immediate mind), but really: why do they play these games?
being the internet you would expect people to just inform you that the
game exists and that it is playable, so you can receive scathing emails
while you laugh at the misfortune you spread but no, somewhere in their
evil hearts they found the capacity to take on the selfless task of
telling us what not to play and for very valid reasons.
(Now, I’ve
played my share of bad games but nowhere near the level of suck as
these brave and foolhardy adventurers have for which I commend them.)
my ultimate question is; was suicide too scary for you? Is this your
penance for some past sin? Are you doing this to earn your high school
community service hours?
Tell us, please. We’d like to know.