Bad Dudes EP

Bad Dudes EP is a community album put together by Mustin and friends. Except it doesn’t have anything to do with Bad Dudes. The album is a collection of arrangements of “boss, battle, or just all-around tough track(s).”
The full credited track list is as follows:

bladiator – Romancing SaGa 3 – Romancing the Bossa
Dale North – Xenogears – On A Short Fuse Lately
Dhsu – Super Mario World/Final Fantasy VI – Koopa Vs. Kefka
Diggi Dis – Streets of Rage 2 – In the Streets of Fayetteville
Kunal – Parasite Eve – PMS
Mazedude – God of War – Minotaur Nightmares
Mazedude – Rygar – Shadow Puppets
Mustin – Final Fantasy VI – No Excuses
po feat. Anthony Lofton – Final Fight – Bad Boy Blues
zyko – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – A Dark World
zyko – Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise – Strange Island

So like, check it out and crud.