Video Games. Rock. Your Mom.

Holy Crap, what a weekend. Wayyyyy too much stuff happened this year to put in ONE news post!
Look for articles to appear as we sober up and can get our thoughts
back in order. Read more for a few highlights, though!
djpretzel and virt shaking hands and having drinks. OCR’s
Background/information panel. The VGMix 3.0 panel. Hell of a lot of
shows going on (most of which I missed, why don’t you guys post
pics/vids please?) including Shael Riley, Shawn Phase, Smash Bros. and
Chromelodeon’s final show! Snappleman wins DoD for December 2006! TREASURE BOXES and SAVE POINTS!
Also, I got my dog tag for <250 preregistration (freaking AWESOME!), and I want to get ahold of MrMagFest to find the website of that company for other custom etched stuff (they freaking ROCK! Rama got an OCR/Rama shotglass that he will never use!). Also, there are reports of a carpet fish swimming in the concert room from the people who were playing a bingo games download. Oh man, the Game Room was awesome too, I got to catch Bahamut and TriForce break the crap out of Tetris Attack by dropping wayyyyy too much garbage on each other. Empire Arcadia swept the tournaments and have graciously decided not to participate next year! The LAN room got super pwnted by the ISP and had to rely on a telephone jack for steam authentication! Also, the hotel’s wireless got super pwnted and was only available in certain rooms (sorry guys, thats why ThaSauce didn’t have any feeds this year, we’ll get that fixed next year, I PROMISE!).

so yeah….

best. weekend. ever.

PS: Planet Skill ROCKED THE FUCK OUT (I had no idea that Tumult had skillions!)