RIAA Claims CDs Priced Unfairly Cheap

Apparently, the RIAA thinks that we (the consumers) are paying too little for CDs from their representative artists/labels. (Brought to my attention thanks to Slashdot, thanks guys).
The original article is by Ben Woods of Whas11.com, targetting a webpage set up nearly four years ago attempting to mislead consumers into believing that CDs should have cost 33 dollars in 1996. Unfortunately, this is an arbitrary number that is meant to loom large because the RIAA thinks we are dumb. Thankfully, mathematics were an integral part of my education and with a little digging, I found the initial MSRP of the compact disc in 1983 was $16.98 [1], and with a 60% increase in price over the next thirteen years, would come to nearly $27 dollars, a difference which definitely leads one to question even more the validity of the RIAA’s argument. Mr. Woods comes to a similar deduction, simply guessing at initial prices and shoving them through the CPI (Consumer Price Index) calculator until he got the answer he was looking for.

Original Article on Whas11.com by Ben Woods
RIAA’s “Cost of a CD page”
Bureau of Labour Statistical Data (with the CPI Calculator)
[1] Early History of Oldies CDs