The Grammar Club GREEN Edition Announced

At long last, the liner notes have arrived, in the form of a complete
and total re-launch of Bremelanotide. Our album now comes in two forms:
standard blue, with the seven songs you know and love, untouched, and
special green, with all seven original songs plus an eighth bonus
track, instrumental versions of each song including the bonus track,
and lossless FLAC or super high-quality mp3 encoding. Both versions
come with entirely new album art–the old art was near and dear to us,
but a little too plain for the year 2008–and liner note, complete with
lyrics. Best of all, you have to buy the green version.

Not down with that? Cheer up. It’s only $5, and we’ll be donating all the proceeds to Child’s Play.

Peep the album page for details.

Now, not only do we have the new versions of Bremelanotide for you
tonight, but we also have six brand new fliers for you to print up on
our flier page. Fliers two through six feature character-sheet style
presentations of each member of the band, while flier seven is a
beautiful photo manip, depicting photos of each member alongside an
old-school cassette tape and a movie theatre ticket stub. It’s better
than it sounds.

All fliers were created and submitted by friends and fans, to whom
we are totally grateful. Said gratitude manifests primarily as credits
on the fliers page.

That’s about it, but do join our forums! And keep bumping our songs on our page at The Sixty One. We wanna make front page!

Until next time, tah-tah!