Free Shit: Finally, New Mono and Kahvi Releases

I’ve been slacking on the Free Shit a little bit. There’s a perfectly valid reason for this though – I’ve been… picking up some CDs here and there for very cheap. I have a few dozen I still haven’t even listened to yet, so I will have to set the netlabels aside for a while before I start paying full attention to them again. Also, there’s been a general lack of really standout, solid, and interesting releases lately. At least within my scope here. However, the two big electronic netlabel heavies Mono211 and Kahvi have finally put out releases after a bit of a dry spell.

#242a-242i Meso / Tunga [stream]
A new guest artist – Meso – arrives today with a nine track ep. A
little more hardcore idm in places than previous kahvi releases, Meso
brings out the colder and darker side of life in Eastern Europe with
the arovane-esque ‘around 492’, a classy imitation of lackluster style
in ‘canadian 2’, and my personal favorite for its curious composition
‘jenapart6’ (check out the percussion!). Brusque, exciting and
interesting, ‘Tunga’ is an intriguing and well produced ep, a
worthwhile addition to the kahvi collective.
download whole ep as ogg (.zip)
download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip) whole ep (.mp3) mirror
around 492
canadian 2
into winter
574 somnambulists


 Date  Release Id  File info  Artist  Title
06/04/08 mtk.mp3.200 8 tracks, 30 minutes, 31.3mb] Chromatic Flights ‘Heavy Stars Will Fall’
pic by Paul Loudon
Monotonik has made it to its 200th MP3-based release (and probably
somewhere over its 400th overall release, counting sublabels and
.MODs), and this milestone comes in the form of Chromatic Flights’
second release for the label, ‘Heavy Stars Will Fall’.Florida-based Kyle Wyss follows up his ‘Memories From The
Audible Color Wheel’ Monotonik debut with more vaguely psychedelic,
beautifully phrased idm, strangely strung out but wonderfully put
together. It starts with ‘Found Glow’, all spaced out groove and
smiling pauses.

Other standout tracks include ‘Fish Follow Shine’, with
pulsating top notes and a strangely offkilter groove, and the echoing
strange beauty of ‘Blue Supergiant’, although any of the 8 tracks can
be sampled on its own for much enjoyment. A fitting release for the

Download Chromatic Flights’ ‘Heavy Stars Will Fall’ from:
1. “Found Glow” – (d/l
2. “Moon Heated” – (d/l
3. “Fish Follow Shine” – (d/l
4. “Heavy Stars Will Fall” – (d/l
5. “Blue Supergiant” – (d/l
6. “Star Hop Pt. 1” – (d/l
7. “Star Hop Pt. 2” – (d/l
8. “Preparation Anxiety…” – (d/l download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

Honestly though, even these releases fail to interest me, though you [DEAR READER] may enjoy them, as they are actually good, just nothing totally fresh in my opinion.