Team Fortress 2 Samplepack Compo

This week we will be holding a special compo. The theme is a samplepack containing all the sound effects and voices from Team Fortress 2. Please be aware that there are a large number of samples and going through them may be somewhat overwhelming – which is one of the reasons why this compo will be open for one week. Starting this Sunday, you may begin your song. Please have it uploaded by next Sunday, July 27th by 9 PM Pacific / Midnight Eastern.

Complete Pack 44.9 MB

If you prefer not to download the whole pack at once, below are the individual components.

Individual Packs 3.73 MB 5.36 MB 3.71 MB 9.41 MB 4.75 MB 169 KB 1.10 MB 3.65 MB 5.17 4.55 3.25

You may use your own samples in addition to this set, and you of course don’t have to use all of them (considering there are 1,780 files total). You must use at least one sample in its entirety. Here is an example:

Good luck!