VGM: Very Good Music Finale

VGM: Very Good Music,
my weekly video game music radio show, airs Friday night at 10PM EST. This
week’s show is the final show of VGM, so don’t miss it. Cohosts are sure to be present in some form or another,
so tune in to find out who’s harassing me this week. Make sure to join #vgm on EnterTheGame to chat with other listeners too.
Very Good Music features video game remixes, tracks from game OSTs, and
even original
non-vg tracks from composers and remixers. Whether it’s showcasing new
releases, dusting off the oldies (HA!), or playing popular requests,
you’re sure to get tracks from a variety of websites, games, remixers,
and genres. Come hang out with me this
and every Friday night with VGM: Very Good Music!