genoboost’s unofficial valentines day mixtape

From GM4A:

I have hastily tossed together a quick mix of love songs for all the
nerds and your significant others to enjoy! And I hope you do. If you
decide to play this for them, definitely let me know how that went in
the comments!Also, since I don’t really have permission to be
releasing these tracks I will only be having this compilation available
until the end of February, so grab the songs while you can! Most of the
songs on this mix are free and in higher quality from each respective
artist, so definitely check out each artists website!

ZIP File | RAR File

Track listing
1. My GF is… by Dual Core from the album Lost Reality –
2. Erica by Joel Tetreault
3. Necrophilianomenon by ZeaLouS1 from the album Assimilation Process: Complete –
4. At The Arcade by Dan Plus Add from the album Matters of Great Importance –
5. Take My Hand, Take My Heart by Lumine Hall from This Album Stinks –
6. Less Than Three by Shael Riley –
7. Tecmo Bowl (in the style of T Rex) by XOC from the in progress album VGMITSO –
8. Orange Crush by hiphopmcdougal from the EP Time Circuits On –
9. I Love My Computer by Colon:P –
10. Aqua Soul (Robot Love) by Random from the album Mega Ran –
11. Laura’s Lullaby by Elfonso from the album Tako wa chikyu o suku –
12. Bits and Pieces by Shael Riley from the album Toybox –
13. Splash Woman (produced by Samik) by Random from the album Mega Ran 9 –
14. Butterfly Kisses by The Depreciation Guild from the album In Her Gentle Jaws –
15. Rapgirl by MC Lars from the album The Graduate –
16. I Can’t Run To You Fast Enough by Pixelh8 from the album The Boy With the Digital Heart –

The artwork for the album is originally by Steffo from My Parent’s Favorite Music.