Nitro Game Injection: VGM Podcast (Show 113 now available)

KyleJCrb posted on OCReMix:

Some of you might remember my live webcast Nitro Game Injection, which
has been going off and on (mostly off) for over the past five years.
The show has been revived and revamped a few times now, but this newest
incarnation will be the best yet, guaranteed!
For those who don’t know:

Nitro Game Injection (NGI) is a video game music podcast that focuses
on original soundtracks, remixes, cover tunes, and doujin bands.
It was started in early 2003 as a live webcast and has gone on for over
100 shows. As of episode 113, the format has shifted to a bi-weekly
podcast format.

The show is hosted by Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse and, as of episode #113,
the long-awaited return of VG Frequency host and OCR judge Larry
“Liontamer” Oji.

The show features video game discussion, news on recent releases and happenings within the community, interviews with artists,
requests, and more!


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We just released our first show in the podcast format, with Larry as
co-host. It’s a 3-hour show, which is rare for a podcast, but there is
a lot of great music involved as well as banter with myself and Larry. check it out!

EDIT: For those curious, the show is not on iTunes yet, but will be after Apple reviews it.