PUNCHFEST 3 is scheduled for Saturday June 6th at 2pm EST!

SnappleMan posted on theshizz.org:

n00b – “HEy SnapPleMan, wuts PUCHFEST?”
snappleman – “PUNCHFEST is a
6 hour remix competition which takes place in an IRC chat room. You are
given a theme, and you must complete a song within the 6 hour time
limit. You will be given the theme early in the week, (PUNCHFESTs will
usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday) so that this way you can
pick a song and learn it before the day of the competition. You can’t
work on it before the compo officially starts. We’re using the honor
system here. Read the rules for more details.”


figured I’d give you guys an extra day with this weeks theme because
you’ll need to listen intently to these songs. There is no method of
seperating the channels for these soundtracks (that I know of at

THEME RESTRICTIONS – You can’t do TMNT, Gradius,
Lifeforce/Salamander games, and you can’t do any game released post
1998. Choose a game that meets these criteria from the list below, and
use BridgeM1 player to listen to the music from the rom.

List: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Konami_games
M1 player: http://www.inverteddungeon.com/triacesuper…an/BridgeM1.rar

music is more layered and harder to transcribe than the console stuff,
so you really should take the extra time to learn a song so you can
perform/record it on Saturday.


To participate, install an IRC client (mIRC works well) and come into #punchfest on irc.esper.net!


– Theme will be announced two nights before the contest. This way you can pick your song. DON’T START WORKING ON IT.

You will have 6 hours to complete your song once we start. Do whatever
you want once the thing starts, but when the 6 hour time limit is up
(8pm est) you must have submitted something.
– You can use anything
you want musically. Live instruments, just MIDI, trackers. Just make
sure you submit an MP3 file of whatever it is you did.
– No minimum song length requirement.
– Submission is not anonymous!


Voting will take place immediately after the contest. Participants get
3 votes, listeners get 2. Pick your top three songs and to your first
place go 3 points, second place go 2 points, third place goes 1 point.
Listeners get to pick top two songs, with 2 points going to first
place, 1 point going to second.