Dwelling of Duels at VGMix – August – Free Month

Dwelling of Duels, hosted by VGMix is a community wide compo where the main instrument must be played live.  This attracts a variety of talent and often produces amazing results.  Every month, a theme is chosen which must be followed.  Participants have one month to complete their tracks, songs are voted for on the last day of every month.

Current Duel

This month is a free month.  Songs are due on Thursday, August 27th at 9:30 PM Eastern US time. irc.vgmix.com #dod listening party to be held Friday, August 28th at 9:30 PM Eastern.

July Results
Snappleman: Castlevania 3 – The Count of Transylvania
ansgaros: Castlevania Bloodlines – Prepare for Death
Harjawaldar: Gargoyle’s Quest – Holy Warcry (tie)
M-H: Mega Man X3 – High Gravity Malt Beetle (tie)

Fifth Place – ROCKtendo: Castlevania 3 – What a Funky Night to Have a Curse

Congratulations to the winners, and everyone who participated.  We’ll be watching for next months entries!