Mega Ran unveils first singles from Forever Famicom: Dream Master​/​

Forever Famicom

From GM4A:

Looks like Mega Ran, alongside producer K-Murdock have finally released the first, and long awaited tracks from their upcoming project Forever Famicom. Better yet, they have released these two tracks for free download! So head right over to the double single Bandcamp page and grab both songs now!

First we hear a laid back autobiographical cut laid atop some nice Little Nemo based beats called�Dream Master. This is followed up by the amazing Chrono Trigger tribute where Mega Ran drops line after line of video games and other nerdy references with tons of energy. This track goes by�Epoch�and is definitely an incredible track, and definitely hope I get to hear it live at some point. These tracks definitely show the varied skills of Mega Ran and producer K-Murdock, and raise the anticipation for Forever Famicom to a whole new level.

Also don’t forget that Mega Ran has also released two new Mega Ran 10 singles for a dollar each over at�the Mega Ran 10 Bandcamp page.

And finally, he is also playing alongside MC Frontalot tomorrow night at the Viper Room in Los Angeles (details here), so do not miss that either!