Pro Tip: Get In On zircon’s Production Workshop Tonight


In his most recent Facebook update, award-winning sound designer and audio specialist Andrew Aversa has just announced that he will be hosting a free production session today, February 16th  for those who are interesting in learning the finer aspects of audio production and sound tuning:

This FRIDAY at 9pm EST, I’m going to do an experimental 1 hour long live production session. I’ll work on a track, take some Q&A, talk tech and just generally have a good time. If it goes well I’ll probably do both freeform sessions and maybe more structured classes focused on Q&A, at a low price per ‘seat’ (like $5-10).

Better known by his exhaustive involvement in the VGM community as zircon, Aversa has arranged and collaborated on over twenty accepted submissions and projects for OverClocked ReMix since 2004. He has also produced music for a variety of video games, television, and interactive media, such as Soul Caliber V, Return All Robots!, Heroes, and MTV’s Making Of series to name a few.

With zircon’s substantial experience with video game music and sound, we would like to urge aspiring professional composers and remixers or even those interested in exploring the scope of sound design to take advantage of this exciting event (can we just mention again that it’s free?). The production session will be hosted on Livestream.