Disasterpeace, virt, & 6955 on Indie Royale’s All-Charity Lightning Pack

Established by the creators of the leading independent video game editorial site IndieGames.com and online download service Desura, indie game bundle website Indie Royale releases game bundles every two weeks to help get the word out over games that are worth playing and support developers that are typically passed over in mainstream media.

Recently, Indie Royale has recently released some cool game releases in the name of charity with the  All-Charity Lightning Pack, such as Osmos, B.U.T.T.O.N., The Shivah, and Blueberry Garden.  In addition to all these awesome games that you get, you’ll receive even more bonuses for just a $7 minimum donation — Jake “virt” Kaufman‘s acclaimed FX4, Toronto-based chiptune artist 6955‘s IN1ep, and Disasterpeace‘s Level albums are all available for you right now. The best part of this pack’s deal is that 100% of your donation goes to charities like UNICEF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, ActionAid, and Amnesty International.

With less than twenty hours left, make sure to subscribe to Indie Royale’s newsletter for future deals and buy the bundle today!