Quick Look: “Skyrim Main Theme” by Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday, YouTube personality known for the “Chocolate Rain” video, covers the main theme from Skyrim, “Dragonborn”.

Adam Nyerere Bahner (born July 6, 1982), better known by the pseudonym Tay Zonday, is an American actor, singer, musician, announcer, voice artist, comedian and YouTube personality. He is well known by listeners for his baritone singing voice.

– From the Tay Zonday Wikipedia page.

Zonday became famous on YouTube in 2007, when his “Chocolate Rain” song became one of the first viral videos on the site. He has also done covers of many other songs on his YouTube channel (not all video game related, but still worth checking out!)

Jeremy Soule and Nobuo Uematsu on Classic FM’s 2012 Hall of Fame


Classic FM, the UK’s most popular commercial radio station, and savings bank NS&I have partnered together to host Classic FM’s 2012 Hall of Fame, touted as “the ultimate chart in classical works” that ranges from 300 of the best sonatas, symphonies, concertos and choral works of the year by public vote.

One may ask, “Why is ThaSauce writing about some random classical charts in the UK?”. Well, this year marks avid success for the video game vote-campaign, as Jeremy Soule’s work on TESV: Skyrim has reached number 238 with “Dragonborn” being highlighted as Soule’s most prolific work., while Nobuo Uematsu has reached a whopping number 16  on this year’s Hall of Fame with “Aerith’s Theme” as the second highest new entry within the charts.

Congratulations to both composers and a big ‘hoo-ha!” to the VGM community, which definitely shows that with enough persistence, video game music truly has a chance to shine as individual musical pieces of beauty and grace just as much as a Beethoven or Chopin work.