Pre-order Disasterpeace’s Original Soundtrack FEZ Now

San Francisco composer Disasterpeace, also known as Rich Vreeland, really knows how to spend his time creating something absolutely delightful. And by ‘time’, we mean every progressive second that we have listened to with his most recent work like Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar wholeheartedly changes up the conventions of chip music, giving room for something reminiscent between progressive rock and 8-bit ambience,  along with a few intriguing twists in style.

Along with the exciting release of the multiple award-winning indie platformer FEZ just this week alone, Disasterpeace’s original soundtrack of the same name is also scheduled to be available this Friday, April 20th. From what we’ve heard of the available free tracks, the FEZ soundtrack is astonishingly awe-inspiring. “Home” sets an interesting, lo-fi quality that seems to be explored throughout select songs while  “Puzzle” reveals a evocative change of pace and marks Disasterpeace’s ability to easily transcend a set style in favor of establishing mood and tone throughout the  actual game itself.  “Compass” is another favorite of ours that is simply stimulating and beautiful, which we feel speaks loudly (or rather, softly) about Disasterpeace’s power to create contemplative spaciousness.

You can pre-order your copy now of the original FEZ soundtrack on Disasterpeace’s Bandcamp, available for $5.