Two new original tracks from virt

At MAGFest, I finally figured out why virt’s music site wasn’t being updated anymore: He has a new one (and it has a news feed, thank goodness). So when I got home I added it to my Super Seekrit Netvibes Universe* that I use for covering the community, and it didn’t take long to deliver. virt has already uploaded 2 new songs for download.

*I’m gonna be releasing a PROPER ThaSauce Netvibes Universe sometime soon for public use…feel free to use mine until then, but know a newer, BETTER one will be out shortly, and linked somewhere on the main page.

Sorcerors Battle

Posted by Jake on January 10th, 2009 filed in Chiptunes, Music Release

This is one of the three new songs I debuted at MAGFest 7 –
An FM journey into an epic past where metallic wizards do battle on
high windy cliffs with guitars and lightning. Dedicated to Wizwars, who
couldn’t be at Magfest, and who was deeply missed in an otherwise
incredible chiptune concert.

Download file:



Posted by Jake on January 10th, 2009 filed in Chiptunes, Music Release

This is Nugget’s Theme. For anyone who doesn’t already know,
Nugget is my adorable puppy (there’s a link to a picture on my About
page). This song is for and about him — his own simpler, more upbeat
counterpart to “Staring at My Spaceship”. The mini-melodies during the
silent pauses are the “fanfares” our Roomba vacuum plays when it starts
and finishes cleaning, respectively. The Roomba is Nugget’s best
friend, they were raised together.

Download file:

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