Where did you learn about ThaSauce?; New comments system

We want to know how you found out about us. Normally, we’d just do a standard poll, but we want to hear details, and we also know we’ve attracted a number of people from sites outside the community that wouldn’t fit on a standard poll list.
This is also an opportunity to give some feedback on the site, including the redesign of the navigation, some of our newer content, and the quality of news in general. We’re currently in the process of upgrading the comments system, and this will probably be the last major story to use the old system. The new system will be forums-based, meaning you can reply to comments using standard phpBB notation and be able to see most of the discussion at once (unlike the old system, which only allowed you to see a small part of the discussion at once). Old stories will still continue to use the old system, and new stories will generate a thread in a special forum, where any registered member can reply. You will still be able to view a summary of the comments on the story page, however.

So, we’re asking you to tell us about how you came here. We know a lot of you will reply with things like OCR and VGMix, but we’re looking for those answers as well, in order to get an accurate sampling of the community we have here, and to assist in the “continuous improvement” campaign we’ve taken on as of late.

ThaSauce turns 1

So here we are…1 year later. One year from today we were launching ThaSauce on a sub-domain on Fusion’s God awful hosting, with bare & default PHP-Nuke. I really don’t blame anyone for not taking us seriously back then, I mean…looking back on it, if it wasn’t me doing it, I’m not even sure I’d take it entirely seriously, but I’d damn well support it. But that was a year ago, & within that year we’ve made a LOT of changes. Almost daily changes. Some of them big, some of them small, but all of them for the better. We’ve since re-themed the site countless times, improved navigation, gotten a better integrated forums, launched ThaWiki & ReMix:ThaSauce (both of which are moving along phenomenally). We’ve improved the news submission process, added the calendar, we removed the separate feeds and are now re-adding them in the form of the, new and very exciting, Multi-headlines feed, & countless other things that I can’t even BEGIN to remember. With every improvement we make we get closer and closer to my dream of making ThaSauce a true community information center for the community.
However, there are a few things that we can still improve on, and that I want to focus on through the rest of our 2nd year. Most importantly I think would be more coverage of the C64 community. A lot of people who visit OCReMix & VGMix don’t realize how big the C64 community really is. I want to really try harder to help people discover that. In addition to the C64 community, I think we really need more actual content. By that I mean we need to try harder to find people dedicated to giving us editorials about various things throughout the community, tutorials on various software or other things, & reviews on games, & game soundtracks, and just things that’re generally interesting to members of the community. We ARE currently working on a system to make the whole process of submitting that kind of thing a lot easier. So keep an eye out for that one.

Lastly I just want to thank everyone again for all their help & support. Larry, for all his work on ThaWiki, and all those news items that I probably wouldn’t have ever found in, 1,000 years, by myself. Dhsu for all his Doujin spotlights which are probably one the best examples of news I wanted to see on the site that I could possibly thing of. CHz & Eon for all their work with everything “behind the scenes” (dun dun dunnn). Pixie, Rayza, Aurora, zircon, & all the rest of the ever-changing VGDJ staff, for their continued support (even if pixie can’t submit her own news like Rayza did <3). Our newest admin, D-Lux for getting a ton of stuff down in the very short time that he's been with us. Ade for continually yelling at me about things like the integrated forums & navigation problems (Some of the best improvements we've made were because you would not let that stuff go =P). Fusion for...iduno...getting the whole thing started? And I guess for like...maybe doing SOME STUFF, sometimes, when no one else can figure it out. HUGE thanks to Suzu & especially Xerol for all the fricken diving into the cesspool of crap that is PHP-Nukes code and molding it into a system that’s actually useable and almost even convenient! AND lastly, but certainly not leastly, all the other people who've visited the site, registered on the site, fill out a few wiki pages, or submitted some news, or a calendar event, or a song to R:TS, or posted on the forums, or even just supported as AT ALL. A lot of people still don't take us seriously. A lot of people flat out won't support us at all, but that's OK. It may take another year or 5, but we're going to show everyone that we're serious and, with the input and support of the rest of the community, are ready to take on any challenge put forth to us. Awesome year people. F’realz! Got nothin’ but love fa y’all 😉

New RSS Feeds

You may’ve noticed these little things popping up all around the site: RSS Feed RSS Feed. This is because we’ve updated the site with individual topic RSS feeds. You can get to the individual feeds by clicking the icon link next to each topic image, or the full link within each topic’s page. With these feeds, you can easily track all news on a single topic without being deluged with news from all topics, and if you use an RSS reader, it’s even easier.

ThaSauce T-Shirts; May News Blitz

We’re preparing to roll out ThaSauce merchandise in the near future, but first we need YOUR opinion on it. Please vote in the attached poll for your size and color preference. We will probably only print one color style in the first run, but we can mix-and-match sizes so we will try to order in an appropriate ratio of sizes.

There are a few more issues to consider when voting:

  • Black shirts with the white logo will cost more, probably around $2-3 more per shirt.
  • We will probably base our purchase on the votes by color, but if you don’t think you’ll purchase a shirt in the next few months, please leave a comment instead of voting – this lets us know where the future demand might be, without “contaminating” the results for our first order, which will help ensure that we have the correct sizes for those who want them.
Depending on our costs and the style, the final shipped cost of the shirts will probably be $10-12 for the end-user, including shipping (within the US, at least – international orders may be more). This is slightly above our cost, mostly to cover hosting fees and unsold shirts.

In addition, when the shirts are ready, you will finally be able to do something with your points. While we have yet to announce an exact figure, it will be a sizeable amount (the merchandise isn’t free for us) and therefore we are announcing the May News Blitz – all submitted stories posted in the month of May will recieve double points2000 per story.

100,000 hits! Also: Update feed plz

Today is a joyous day for ThaSauce. It is on this day, a little less than a year after launching, that we’ve reached 100,000 hits. One-hundred-fricken-thousand. Awesome. Regretably neither me nor Xerol were actually aroudn to witness it, but oh well. It is ALSO on this day that I bring you 2 (quasi-)new features. Well…both of them have actually been around for alittle while, but I never really made them LIVE until now…
First of which is ThaSauce (PSP). After seeing VGCat‘s PSP version comic, I thought it would be cool to make a version of ThaSauce that was viewable through the PSP browser. Big thanks to NNY and OCRE for their feedback. (OCRE actually provided me with a few photos that I’ll add alittle later for anyone who’s interested in how it actually looks on a PSP.)

Second is a new feed provided by FeedBurner. It’s really preferred that everyone who subscribes to our RSS feed switch to the FeedBurner version, because it’s way better formatted and compatible with more browsers, and also helps us keep track of how many people subscribe. You can find the new feed on the bottom of the page, or here works too. =P

So, in closing, I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped us get this far. All those people who’ve registered on the site, all those people who’ve submitted news and content, everyone who’s contributed to ThaWiki, submittied a song to ReMix:ThaSauce, posted on our forums, or even just VISITED the site. Thanks. ThaSauce is completely depend on the participation, dedication, and feedback of it’s userbase and it’s good to see that we’ve come this far in such a short ammount of time despite numerous obstacles, naysayers, and people who just generally choose to ignore it exists. We DO exist, and we’re not going away any time soon =P.

Thanks again!

Points system enabled

The points system has been enabled. For a complete list, see the FAQ section on it. You can view how many points you have by going to “Your Account”. Users who accumulate certain amounts of points are automatically added to user groups, which in turn will unlock features on the site. How many points you need and what is unlocked you’ll have to find out for yourself.

A note: Previously submitted content doesn’t count towards points, so if you’ve already contributed, continue doing so and you’ll begin to earn points.

Some things you can get points for:

  • Submitting a news article that gets published: 1000 points
  • Commenting on a news story: 50 points*
  • Voting in a survey: 20 points
*Note that spamming comments just to get points will result in a ban.

In the near future, we also hope to implement a “Rewards System” where you can cash in your points for special online features (like a custom user title on the forum), ThaSauce Merchandise (shirts and the like), and various other items as they become available.

Anonymous Editting Disabled on ThaWiki, Indefinately

Since in initial creation, we’ve allowed anonymous users to edit ThaWiki. We knew it was a risky step to take, but the majority of mixers who HAVE entered in their biographies aren’t registered users, and we didn’t want to disinterest other people with having to sign up. However we’ve recently had a bit more ad-spam than we’d like to have to deal with .
As a result we’ve decided to disable the editting of pages by anonymous users. This will be, at the very LEAST, until we can find a way to lessen the ammount of ad-spam that makes its way onto ThaWiki. We hope that this doesn’t deter new users from signing up and helping out with filling pages on mixer biographies, original albums, and so on.