Where did you learn about ThaSauce?; New comments system

We want to know how you found out about us. Normally, we’d just do a standard poll, but we want to hear details, and we also know we’ve attracted a number of people from sites outside the community that wouldn’t fit on a standard poll list.
This is also an opportunity to give some feedback on the site, including the redesign of the navigation, some of our newer content, and the quality of news in general. We’re currently in the process of upgrading the comments system, and this will probably be the last major story to use the old system. The new system will be forums-based, meaning you can reply to comments using standard phpBB notation and be able to see most of the discussion at once (unlike the old system, which only allowed you to see a small part of the discussion at once). Old stories will still continue to use the old system, and new stories will generate a thread in a special forum, where any registered member can reply. You will still be able to view a summary of the comments on the story page, however.

So, we’re asking you to tell us about how you came here. We know a lot of you will reply with things like OCR and VGMix, but we’re looking for those answers as well, in order to get an accurate sampling of the community we have here, and to assist in the “continuous improvement” campaign we’ve taken on as of late.